Suffering from arthritis in your knees can be extremely painful. It often limits you movements and mobility. You may find you are no longer able to enjoy activities you did in the past because of your condition. However, there is a drug-free solution that helps alleviate your pain and suffering with knee taping.

Knee taping is applied around the knee to provide added support and strength. Because of the way the tape extends and covers the entire region, it changes how your nerves respond to pain and disrupts nerve endings which signal an arthritic flair up. Instead of the excruciating pain you normally experience, it is reduced. While there can still be some discomfort in your knees, it is not as drastic as it would be without the tape.

You are also able to tape other areas of your body where you suffer from arthritis, such as your ankles, wrists, elbows and shoulders. Using tape restores your mobility and movement to allow you to enjoy your favorite activities. Just remember to take care and not over exert yourself.

Prior to applying tape to your knees, or other area of the body, make sure the location has been recently washed and dried, and is clean. Also avoid applying tape in areas where you used a medicated cream or lotion, until it has been removed. Otherwise, the tape is not as effective and may not stay in place, because it cannot be firmly applied to the skin.