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Ankle Tape

  1. Ankle Taping Involves Applying Tape over the Ankles

    Ankle taping is a technique where you apply some sort of athletic tape, sports tape, or kinesiology tape to the ankles. There are different reasons why the tape is applied. Some people attach the tape to provide support if they have weak ankles, in order to prevent accidently twisting or spraining their ankles. Other people also use the tape for...
  2. Ankle Taping Is Beneficial for Both Preventing and Treating Injuries

    There are benefits to ankle taping. It can be used to prevent injuries because it provides added support and strength to the muscles in this area of the body. It is well suited for athletes, runners, joggers, walkers, and those with weak ankles. Another great use for this tape is for people who have to be on their feet for...

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