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Athletic Tape

  1. How To Prevent Muscle Cramps With Kinesiology Tape

      Whether you’re training, in competition or just completing a basic task, a muscle cramp can happen involuntarily and hinder your ability to move comfortably. The muscle contracts on its own and creates a hard lump at the centre point of pain. The cramping pain can last anywhere from a few seconds to minutes before it restores itself. Our muscles...
  2. Why So Many Athletes Don Kinesiology Tape

    Why So Many Athletes Don Kinesiology Tape
    When the Olympics are on, all eyes are glued to the screen to watch their country’s Olympians dunk, dive, run and throw. We meticulously examine every detail of how these outstanding athletes play their game and how they look doing it. With this, many viewers have noticed the colourful tape that don Olympians of every sport. You may have even...
  3. SpiderTech for The Clinic

    Helping you to provide consistent and quality care for your patients. SpiderTech Products were developed for medical professionals, using the original kinesiology tape that was developed to mimic the weight and elasticity of human skin. The complete system of precuts applications, universal shapes and the best quality roll tape available makes SpiderTech kinesiology Tape a valuable asset to any practitioner's...
  4. How Kinesiology Tape Benefits Runners

    How Kinesiology Tape Benefits Runners
    Whether you race in marathons sporadically or run in them every week, you may have come across other runners with bright-coloured tape in different shapes and patterns on various parts of their bodies. Maybe you’ve heard of kinesiology tape before but aren’t quite sure of its benefits or whether it’s effective at all. This tape that adorns the limbs of...
  5. SpiderTech Brand Ambassadors Win Canada’s First Gold in Beach Volleyball World Championships

    Melissa Humana-Paredes, right, goes for the spike while Sarah Pavan reps Canada wearing the Canadian i-STRIPS on her back SpiderTech is proud to announce that Saran Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes, who has been our brand ambassadors since 2017, are Canada’s first beach volleyball world champions. The Canadian duo defeated America’s Ross and Alexandra Klineman in straight sets to win the...
  6. Minor Injury Recovery and Prevention Through Kinesiology Tape

    What is kinesiology tape exactly? Well, it’s one or several strips of adhesive tape that, when applied to the skin, improves blood circulation, improves recovery time, prevents injuries, enhances performance and more. It’s often used by runners, cyclists and people suffering from joint discomfort like arthritis. One of the bigger questions people have with kinesiology tape is how it can...
  7. Different Uses For Kinesiology Tape

    On the market since 1970, kinesiology tape was first developed in Japan, growing in popularity around the globe for its various uses in the chiropractic and physical therapy world. There are constantly studies being done on the additional benefits and uses for kinesiology tape, many of which we have for you right here. Here are several different ways you can...
  8. SpiderTech partners with the PGA of Canada

    SpiderTech is pleased to announce its new association as a national partner of The PGA of Canada.               As part of the partnership agreement, PGA of Canada members will be able to experience SpiderTech products at national championships and learn about them at Tee Talks Live this November in Halifax. Through this partnership, PGA...
  9. Neck Pain - Why Your Neck Might Be Sore and How You Can Help Alleviate the Pain on Your Own

    Neck Pain - Why Your Neck Might Be Sore and How You Can Help Alleviate the Pain on Your Own By: Shannon Uppington DOMP, NSCA-CPT Raise your hand if you have ever experienced any of the following: Headaches or Migraines A heavy head - it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, literally! A dull constant achiness in your neck Inability to look over your shoulder or check your blind spot while driving because the pain when you turn your head is too much #Pain radiating from neck down into the shoulder Stiff neck upon waking Continue reading →
  10. Tape Removal Tips

    How to remove the tape, without taking skin along for the ride. buy kinesiology tape Canada Continue reading →

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