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    SpiderTech is pleased to present a series of blogs written by athletes, performers, medical professionals and other SpiderTech Fans with fascinating stories. Grand Tour of Muskoka. 300 miles. 16,000 feet of climbing. THE Ontario endurance ride to do this fall. Continue reading →

     SpiderTech is pleased to present a series of blogs written by athletes, performers, medical professionals and other SpiderTech Fans with fascinating stories.   I See Dots Living My Cycling Dreams Through a Screen. By Jason Lane Continue reading →
  3. SpiderTech partners with The Israel Cycling Federation

      Continue reading →
  4. SpiderTech Cycles for St. Joe's

    We at SpiderTech try to support our local community and causes we believe in as often as we can. SpiderTech is taking part in the St.Joe's Ride this October 2nd to help raise funds for the St. Joseph's Health Centre Foundation in Toronto. Continue reading →
  5. Using Tape for Sciatica

    Olympic Athlete Dotsie Bausch gives a look into the role SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape has played in her life. dotsie-medal-name Continue reading →
  6. Spring into being active with SpiderTech

    Its spring and it’s time to get active. Now that it’s starting to feel like spring, all the excuses we used to keep us warm, toasty and sedentary during the winter no longer apply. Whether you were one of the smart folks who maintained a healthy lifestyle over the winter or perhaps you opted for lazy hibernation, Spring is a chance to get outside and live healthy. Even better, you can drag the kids or your friends into it and have fun too! So here’s a quick list of easy activities to get you and yours out and moving this spring. Continue reading →
  7. Victory for Zach Bell and Teammates!

    SpiderTech athlete Zach Bell and his super star teammates from Smart Stop professional cycling team, LIGHT UP the Vuelta Independencia Nacional with a team general classification Victory! Zach continues to rely on the X Spider for his #drugfreepainrelief of choice and the Upper Knee Spider and Postural Spider to keep him in top shape, recovered and feeling in top form. ...
  8. A Spider to the Glut and Louie Amelburu Takes the Win!

    This weekend was the 20th Annual Valley of the Sun stage race in and around Phoenix, Arizona - a prestigious race where over 500 athletes competed. This race is the early season test for many of cycling's brightest stars in masters and professional ranksas they gauge their fitness after a winter of hard and concentrated preparation and training. For SpiderTech...
  9. Leipheimer credits tape with speedy recovery

    During the race I had a ton of SpiderTech tape on. I’ve used it before, back in 2009, when I broke my wrist, and it seemed to work relatively well. But this time really made me a believer. At the start of my recovery, when I was riding outside without the tape, it was extremely painful. Then I got the...

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