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Knee Tape

  1. Travel Tips from Lauren Fendrick

    SpiderTech pre-cut kinesiology has endless amounts of purposes- even we keep finding new ones every day! Among numerous other uses, did you know that our upper knee Spider can also help relieve pain and discomfort during long flights? Continue reading →
  2. Spring into being active with SpiderTech

    Its spring and it’s time to get active. Now that it’s starting to feel like spring, all the excuses we used to keep us warm, toasty and sedentary during the winter no longer apply. Whether you were one of the smart folks who maintained a healthy lifestyle over the winter or perhaps you opted for lazy hibernation, Spring is a chance to get outside and live healthy. Even better, you can drag the kids or your friends into it and have fun too! So here’s a quick list of easy activities to get you and yours out and moving this spring. Continue reading →
  3. Knee Pain Can Be Caused By Overuse Due To Repeated Pressure

    Knee pain is linked to overuse injuries which often occur when people experience prolonged or repeated pressure on their knees. Repetitive activities are mainly responsible for such pressure. These activities include bicycle riding, stair climbing, jumping, or jogging which stress major joints. As a result of repetitive strain on the knee, inflammation and irritation can be felt. To acquire more information about quick relief from knee pain that is caused by overuse injuries, visit Continue reading →
  4. Knee Pain Is Often Caused By Acute Injuries

    Knee pain can be the result of injuries that may happen suddenly. A direct blow to one’s knee is a common cause of sudden injuries and that cause acute knee pain. In addition, abnormal bending or twisting of the knee can result in acute injuries which may beget severe swelling, pain or bruising almost immediately after the injuries. Continue reading →
  5. Knee Pain Caused By Arthritis, Injury Or Overuse

  6. Use Knee Tape to Treat Knee Pain and Prevent Injury

    Do you suffer from knee pain as a result of an old sports injury or a chronic medical condition? Do you miss being able to enjoy playing different types of sports because you are worried about reinjuring your knee? Do you find yourself limiting your activities with your children? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should...
  7. Use Knee Tape to Protect Your Knees against Injury

    Before undertaking strenuous activities where you will be bending your knees, it is worthwhile to protect your knees using knee tape. This special type of tape is designed to provide added support to the muscles to help lower the likelihood of sustaining an injury, compared to not using any taping product. In addition, the tape helps protect people who have...
  8. Slow Knee Cartilage Deterioration by Taping Your Knee

    As we get older, our knees start to wear out for various reasons. It does not matter whether you actively participate in sports and strength training, spend a lot of time on your feet, or are more sedentary. Underlying causes include the repeated motion of extending and flexing movements of the leg, being overweight, or a prior injury when you...
  9. Knee Tape Protects Your Knees after Surgery and Aids in the Healing Process

    You can help protect your knees against re-injury by wearing knee tape after reconstructive surgery. This tape is used to promote the healing process, while reducing pain and discomfort. You are able to wear the tape for rehabilitative exercises and physical therapy, as well as general protection every day. The tape may be worn for up to five days before...

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