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shoulder tape

  1. Study Finds SpiderTech Shoulder Spider Provides The Same Level Of Pain Relief As Non-Prescription Pain Killers

    Subacromial impingement (SAI) is one of the most frequently diagnosed shoulder conditions in adults with shoulder pain, and is associated with defects in posture, proprioception and motor coordination of the rotator cuff, deltoid, and the peri-scapular muscles. In addition to physiotherapy, many clinicians will prescribe adjuvant treatment in the form of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) with the intention of reducing shoulder pain often attributable to tendon inflammation and/or bursitis.  Pain reduction methods can reduce barriers for patients to actively participate in their rehabilitative exercise program.  The use of kinesiology tape has become an increasingly popular treatment aimed at reducing musculoskeletal pain without the added potential complications inherent with the use of NSAIDs. Continue reading →
  2. Drug Free Pain Relief for the Soreness and Strains of an Extended Winter

    Winter sucks.  The shoveling, slipping and trudging takes a toll on your poor, tired muscles and joints.  Your body, like everyone else’s, is going to let you know when you are adding to the everyday stress and strain, it’s going to hurt. The stiff shuffles in the morning, the back spasms from shoveling snow, and the soreness in your shoulders...
  3. Stop Waking Up with Shoulder Pain by Using Shoulder Tape

    Do you wake up with sore and stiff shoulders in the morning? Part of the problem may be contributed to how you sleep, or might require replacing your pillow and/or mattress with one that provides better support. On the other hand, if you toss and turn in your sleep, the problem could be as simple as an over extension of...
  4. Shoulder Tape Reduces Discomfort Regardless of the Cause of Your Pain

    There are several different underlying causes of shoulder pain. You could have a pinched nerve or sprained, strained, or torn a muscle. Your pain might also be related to a recent accident, sports injury, or surgical procedure. Luckily, something you can do to reduce your pain and discomfort without the use of prescription drugs is apply shoulder tape to the...

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