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sports tape

  1. Tape Removal Tips

    How to remove the tape, without taking skin along for the ride. buy kinesiology tape Canada Continue reading →
  2. Lower Risks of Injury and Increase Healing Times with Sports Tape

    Sustaining injuries while playing sports is not enjoyable since these could take you out of the game for the rest of the season. You might tear your groin muscle, twist and sprain your ankle, strain the muscles in your back, or have multiple injuries. One way to reduce the likelihood of receiving injuries as you play sports is to use...
  3. Sports Tape for Injuries Helps Protect Muscles

    Sports injuries are something every athlete hopes to avoid through proper exercise and strength training. However, even with the best-rounded training program, injuries still occur. You might get hit on the football field by another player. You could be tripped and land on your knees on the basketball court. No matter what sports you enjoy playing, you reduce the likelihood...
  4. Reduce Risks for Muscle-Related Injuries by Using Sports Tape

    It is possible to reduce the risks associated with sports injuries related to torn, strained and sprained muscles by using sports tape. This type of tape should be applied prior to the sporting event, like football, basketball or baseball. Uniforms can easily be worn over areas where tape is applied, and they will still feel comfortable. Movements are not restricted...

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