There are more uses for Kinesiology tape during the winter season than you think.


Spider Tech Winter Taping Tips

Colder temperatures mean that your muscles are more likely to become cool faster, making them more prone to injury. Winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing and ice hockey can put your body into awkward and unpredictable positions so it is important to prepare for this to avoid potential injury.

Kinesiology tape is an excellent tool to use in an attempt to prevent injury. It gives your body the best possible chance of being injury-free. This technique is certainly not limited to sport. The winter season can bring us other forms of exercise such as shovelling snow or cleaning the snow off our car. Kinesiology tape works to support major muscles and joints so that you have a better chance at preventing an injury than without it. The tape increases blood flow by stretching and contracting the skin when applied, assisting to keep your muscles warmer and more resistant to injury. knee support

SpiderTech specializes in pre-cut kinesiology tape, meaning that we have conveniently produced a product that is already designed to be applied to a specific body part. Our Hip Spider or  Groin Spider is perfect for the downhill skier and our Full Knee Spider combined with our  Hamstring Spider is ideal for the winter hockey athlete, as these areas are commonly affected by winter athletes. Our Shoulder Spider and Lower Back Spider are ideal for our everyday users, as these areas tend to take a beating during the winter seasons through activities like shovelling your driveway or cleaning the snow off your car.

Check out our website for more information on each product and the specifics on how to apply.

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