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Some people have a higher risk of ankle injury than others. In fact, the best predictor of a future ankle injury is a previous injury. If you are dealing with a current ankle sprain, suffered one in the past or struggled with balance, then you are hopefully aware of kinesiology tape as an effective part of your rehabilitation program.

How Does SpiderTech Help Chronic Ankle Instability?

A 2016 study in the Journal of Athletic Training showed a 24% improvement in ankle balance 48hrs after applying kinesiology tape, and the improvements didn’t stop there. 72hrs after the tape was removed, an 18% improvement in balance was still seen.

Chronic Ankle Instability is defined by 1) having at least one lateral ankle sprain in the past, 2) experiencing the sensation of your ankle “giving way” within the past 6 months, 3) a score of 11 or more on the Functional Ankle Instability Questionnaire.

How Does SpiderTech Help Acute Ankle Sprains?

A study in the Medical Science Monitor concluded that kinesiology tape instantly increased soccer players’ walking ability after a lateral ankle sprain. It did this by improving ankle joint stability, sensory input, proprioceptive feedback and ankle position sense. Due to the increased ankle joint stability and proprioception sense, the measured walking variables (pain, stride velocity, length, step length and medial-lateral control) improved significantly.

How Does SpiderTech Help With Ankle Fatigue?

A study in the Journal Gait and Posture showed that adding kinesiology tape to the skin over the Achilles tendon region improved people’s balance after muscular fatigue by 25% and returned their balance scores to near pre-muscular fatigue levels. When a deficit exists, the extra information provided to your brain from the tape has shown to be the boost needed to counteract the effect of exercise-induced fatigue. This is also seen in similar studies involving the knee muscles.

How Does SpiderTech Create These Effects?

  • SpiderTech provides position sense feedback to the brain that is lost from an ankle sprain or muscular fatigue.
  • Restoring position sense feedback increased ankle joint stability, gait patterns and range of motion
  • For Chronic Ankle Instability SpiderTech may need to be worn for 48hrs to reach desired balance improvements.
  • SpiderTech alleviates pain by stimulating skin receptors that release endorphins and inhibiting the transmission of nociceptive signals to the brain.
  • Healthy ankles may not show improved balance using tape because they have ‘‘normal’’ balance abilities, and therefore improvements beyond “normal” balance may not be possible.

Ankle taping with SpiderTech offers many benefits and is effective when you’re dealing with a past or present injury or working hard on the field or in the gym. Whether you are recovering from an injury or training for an athletic event, using SpiderTech may be something that could boost your performance.

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