It’s no surprise that women experience tremendous amounts of pain during their pregnancies and are constantly looking for ways to relieve that discomfort. Belly bands have been around for a long time, and for years, women have been using them to alleviate aches while they’re pregnant.

Pros of Using Belly Bands

There are multiple pros to using a belly band, including pain relief and belly support to help expecting mothers while they are on their pregnancy journey.

Pain Relief  

Many belly bands can relieve pain in the following areas: joint pain, hip pain, muscle pain, and lower back pain. Belly bands have also been known to help with heaviness in the breasts and belly, especially in the third trimester. Specific pains such as Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) and Sacroiliac pain can also be eased with a belly band. PGP mostly revolves around the sacroiliac joint, symphysis pubis and surrounding muscles, and can be extremely painful for women both during pregnancy and postpartum.


Belly bands can also be great for supporting women during their pregnancy, since moving around becomes increasingly challenging and uncomfortable. Many women experience a general discomfort in this area, which can be reduced with belly bands. Various activities, such as hiking, working out or running errands can also become easier with belly bands supporting the pelvic area. In addition, wearing a belly band can improve posture for expecting mothers while they are standing. Finally, belly bands can be extremely helpful for post-partum support and recovery after childbirth.

Cons of Using Belly Bands

While there are many women who use belly bands while they’re pregnant, others find they are quite uncomfortable and prefer not to use them.

Uncomfortable and Unflattering

Belly bands tend to cause discomfort because they don’t move with the body. When women sit down or stand up, the belly band usually needs constant readjustment as they can fold over when seated. They are also incredibility difficult to take on and off, particularly when going to the bathroom, which we know pregnant women do often. Additionally, they can feel restrictive and stiff on women, and may be too tight which can hurt the abdomen area. Belly bands are not flattering to wear at all, especially with a fitted piece of clothing. With special events to attend, they can be bulky and uncomfortable for long periods of wear. Many belly bands have hooks, loops or velcro which can dig into the skin and may rip clothing. Lastly, belly bands can impede the body’s natural ability to support the weight of pregnancy and hinder the much-needed muscle development to carry the pregnancy.

They Don’t Help With Pain

Many women don’t find that belly bands are able to provide support with more intense pregnancy pain. Belly bands are not created to ease this type of extreme pain because they do not have the correct amount of compression in the right places.

False Advertising

There are many belly band companies putting out false information, causing confusion among expecting women who are looking for pain relief! For example, many bands only come in one size, which is misleading and not ideal for customers, as women have healthy pregnancies at many different sizes. Moreover, some brands claim their products are able to prevent stretch marks from occurring during pregnancy. This is false information, according to American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), that there is only a possibility of preventing stretch marks by using products containing centella or hyaluronic acid. Since every woman’s body is different, there is no guaranteed method of preventing stretch marks.


Luckily, there is an alternative to alleviate pregnancy pain outside of using belly bands! The Pregnancy Spider product is an ideal option for pregnant women who are seeking belly support and relief from common pregnancy ailments. The Pregnancy Spider can help lift the belly, relieve back discomfort, swollen feet, and sciatica. Not only is it drug free and safe, but this product is extremely easy to use, and can easily be applied on your own. It comes in multiple colours, as well as an option for gentle skin. Since it is a thin kinesiology tape, The Pregnancy Spider will not show through clothing, or dig uncomfortably into the skin. There are two methods of application, Bottom Up and Top Down. With the Bottom Down technique, women apply the tape to help with discomfort on the pelvic floor. Using the Top Down method, women apply the tape to relieve pressure on the diaphragm.

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“Easy to use, easy to remove, but best of all? NO BULK FROM BELLY BRACE! This is my 4th pregnancy and my clothes aren’t being snagged by Velcro, I can go to the bathroom without removing anything, PLUS I’m supported while wearing a bathing suit. GAME CHANGER!” - Erin S

With so many choices for pregnancy pain relief, it can be difficult for expecting mothers to choose the right product. The best option is to listen to your body, try out various products and understand what works for you and your lifestyle. Life doesn’t stop when your baby bump gets heavy, and our Pregnancy Spider is safe, supportive, and keeps you moving.