SpiderTech kinesiology tape has many different options and endless possibilities for applications to help with all sorts of issues.

Whether you are working with Spider Tape Rolls, Pre-Cut Applications or the universal shapes like X Spiders or I Strips, here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your next SpiderTech purchase.

knee kinesiology tape

    1. Pick the Tape that is right for you: You may have sensitive skin or need a targeted application just for your knees. Maybe you want something that you can apply on the go, without needing to cut from a roll of tape. SpiderTech offers the largest selection of tape options. SpiderTech Gentle is perfect if you have sensitive or delicate skin, our pre-cuts take the guesswork out of body part specific taping. The universal shapes like the X Spider and I Strip are your no cut, no fuss, on the go option, perfect for backpacks, gym bags and first aid kits.kinesiology tape Tips and Tricks
    2. Do not touch the adhesive side of the tape during application: Touching the adhesive will cause the tape to lose its stickiness. The oils and dirt from your skin will interfere with the initial application. Use the paper backing to protect the adhesive and roll the tape applications on to the skin.kinesiology tape Tear at the perforations to avoid touching the sticky side
    3. Be careful about overstretching the tape: Stretching the tape as you apply it will put tension on the tape when it’s on your skin- meaning that the adhesive is working double just to stay on. Aim for no more than a 2% or 3% stretch and avoid stretching the end sections at all. The tape will stay longer and the therapeutic effects will be at their most effective.kinesiology tape Be careful of stretching Stretch the muscles, not the tape
    4. Wash and shave: Be sure to thoroughly wash away any lotions, creams or oils before applying the tape. Oily or hairy skin makes it difficult for the adhesive to create a bond with the skin, hairy skin can also result in particularly painful tape removal. (Oww!) If you have dry skin or skin conditions like eczema, exfoliating the area an hour or so before the application can improve the life of your SpiderTech application.knee kinesiology tape Wash and Shave Image Remove excessive hair
    5. Think ahead of time: Try to allow 30-60 min. after applying the tape before showering or sweating. This will allow the adhesive to activate properly before you use it. kinesiology tape roll Let the adhesive set for a bit before vigorous activity or showering
    6. Activate the adhesive: After applying the tape, rub the applied tape vigorously to create some heat. The heat created from this friction rub activates the adhesive and ensures a better bond to your skin. We recommend that you rub from the centre of the application to the ends; this decreases your chance of catching the edge and prematurely lifting the tape. kinesiology tape Leg
      Rub from the centre out to activate the adhesive







  1. Round corners: If you are using a roll of tape, cut the edges so that they are round. This will reduce fraying and ensure that the tape will not catch on any external surfaces (like clothing) while it’s in use. SpiderTech pre-cut applications and universal shapes already have machine trimmed edges so to reduce fray. kinesiology tape Shoulder Clean rounded edges


If you follow these steps when using SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape, the application will hold up to bathing, exercise, and sleep for up to five days.