As a medical professional, you are constantly looking for new ways to treat patients with neurosensory, structural, and microcirculatory (NSM) injuries and alignments. Kinesiology tape is one drug free method you can use for patients suffering from pain, swelling, and soreness as a result of surgery, chronic medical condition, or injury. In order to obtain the best results with body tape, it is recommended you learn the proper methods for applying the tape to achieve maximum results.

Where Can I Learn How to Apply Kinesiology Tape?

One place where you can learn how to properly apply kinesiology tape is through SpiderTech. SpiderTech recently announced our innovative and new education program for medical professionals through SpiderTech University. The first webinar is now open for registration and is scheduled for Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 2 PM EST. This jam-packed webinar will be hosted by Karena Wu PT, MS, CSCS, CPI, and it focuses on NSM: Microcirculatory, which provides an overview of techniques used to create mechano-disruptions in the skin, and the effects on fluid dynamics at the subcutaneous layer of the skin.

During our free webinar you will learn a wide range of effective taping strategies and applications for kinesiology taping, which add value to your inpatient services. You can put your new training into practice immediately after completing our webinar. During the webinar, our host is going to teach you the correct application methods to learn how to tape like a professional. Register today for our free webinar by completing our online form, or contact us directly at 866-270-1753 for additional details.