Any time you have a serious injury that damages the muscles and tissues in the body, you have to go through a recovery period. Part of your recovery often involves participating in physical therapy and rehabilitative exercises to re-strengthen the damaged muscles and tissues. In between sessions, you normally feel pain and discomfort as the body is slowly healing. Luckily, there are drug free options for dealing with soreness, discomfort and pain, like using SpiderTech taping products.

Our unique and patented design helps simulate the elasticity and thickness of your skin. As a result, the tape fully integrates with your body to provide stability and support without having any adverse effects on the normal range of motion. Further, the tape helps to reduce existing muscle pain and soreness, because it confuses the nerve endings in the area where it hurts the most. Rather than being focused on one primary point of pain, your brain interprets signals from neurological responses it receives from the entire area where the tape is being worn.

SpiderTech taping products are made from 100 percent cotton and contain no latex. The tape is able to be worn for up to five days at a time before it has to be changed. The tape is waterproof, so it will not come off if it gets wet. Not only can you wear the tape during physical therapy sessions, but also leave it on afterwards, to help reduce your pain and discomfort.