Playing sports can have consequences which result in serious injuries to your body. You could dislocate your shoulder, sprain an ankle, tear your hamstring, or damage your knees. Recovering from a debilitating injury may require surgery, as well as physical therapy and rehabilitative reconditioning. In severe cases, it might mean the end to being able to enjoy your favorite sport. Fortunately, one way to reduce the risks with playing sports is by using sport tape on a regular basis.

The type of sport tape you use does have an effect on your performance and its ability to prevent injuries. One of the best products on the market today is kinesiology tape. The tape replicates the weight, elasticity, and strength of your skin and increases the overall effectiveness of muscle response in the areas where the tape is applied. The tape is designed to prevent you from exceeding your normal range of motion, which is a common cause to injuries.

In the event of an injury, kinesiology tape helps alleviate pain, soreness, and discomfort, while speeding up recovery times. Your body is able to heal faster because the tape helps promote proper muscle response and increased blood flow to the damaged area. Not only can the tape be worn during physical therapy and rehabilitative exercises, but also during times of no activity.

The tape is waterproof, made from 100 percent breathable cotton, and may be worn for up to five days before it has to be removed and replaced. You can learn more information about kinesiology athletic tape by visiting out website.