Did you know wearing elastic therapeutic tape has psychological benefits in helping to reduce pain and discomfort? Many people are not aware of this additional feature. Psychologically, our brains tend to focus on areas of pain and discomfort in the body. The more we focus on that pain, the more our brain responds. One normal response is opening up the pain receptors all along the spinal column. As a result, this sends more pain signals to the brain and increases our suffering.

Most people stop focusing on the location of the discomfort once it is taped. You feel comforted by the fact your body is being cared for by wearing the tape, and this creates a mental distraction. Because you are no longer thinking about it, the brain slows down its response to the pain receptors in the affected area and helps bring relief.

Physiological Benefits of Elastic Therapeutic Tape

Physiologically, once the elastic therapeutic tape is applied, it helps the nerve endings have a wider area to provide feedback to the brain. This confuses the pain receptors because they do not notice pain outside of the centralized area of discomfort. Because the tape covers a larger area, the pain signals sent to the brain are combined with the ones from where the tape is placed and diminish the overall pain response.

The tape also offers added structural support to the affected muscle regions of the body. This increased support helps to increase blood flow to the muscles, promote proper muscle response, and aid in reducing healing times. Whether you are an active athlete, or suffer from chronic pain, try SpiderTech tape today to relieve your pain.