Chiropractor Tape


For the past decade, kinesiology tape has been rising in popularity among physiotherapists, sports trainers and athletes alike. You've probably seen the brightly coloured tape running along an athlete's calf or crisscrossing around their knee, but how does a piece of tape help an athlete perform? Can you use kinesiology tape, too?

Let's take a closer look at how kinesiology tape can benefit you in your everyday life!

What Is Kinesiology Tape?

Made from 100% cotton with a latex-free adhesive at the back, kinesiology tape is a highly versatile and comfortable therapeutic tool. It is convenient, easy to apply and stays put for multiple days (it can even be worn in the shower!).

Some benefits of kinesiology tape include:

  • Improve the process of post-workout muscle recovery
  • Accelerate injury recovery
  • Prevent muscle cramps
  • Provide support for damaged or weak muscles and joints to reduce the chances of reinjury
  • Provide instant pain relief after an acute injury

How Does Kinesiology Tape Work?
When kinesiology tape is applied correctly, the skin is gently lifted away from the tissues below, creating space to improve blood and fluid flow. This helps relieve pressure, decrease swelling, and increase nutrient and oxygen flow to the area, ultimately enhancing the body's natural healing process.

Reduce Injury With Kinesiology Tape
Kinesiology tape is commonly used as a preventative measure, especially for areas prone to reinjuries such as the ankles and knees. When applied to weak joints, the tape acts as a support system to prevent the overstretching or over-contraction of muscles. It also enhances proprioception of the joint, meaning that it will adjust to changes in surfaces or slopes easier and reduce the chance of injury.

Improve Recovery With Kinesiology Tape
Kinesiology tape can speed up the recovery process for almost any injury. Of course, your recovery time will differ depending on the extent of your injury; however, taping will help hold joints in alignment and facilitate better blood flow for faster healing.

Kinesiology tape can also be helpful if you want to improve your performance at the gym or in training. The increase in circulation and lactic acid removal due to taping helps your muscles recover faster. You will also feel less sore as the tape lifts the skin and relieves pressure on local pain receptors underneath.

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