Olympic Athlete Dotsie Bausch gives a look into the role SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape has played in her life.

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"With more than a decade of racing my bike at the professional level and in international competition, I know that injuries are part of sports. I have successfully utilized SpiderTech tape to overcome physical setbacks. Yep, you heard me correctly. The Hip Spider has been instrumental in my healing from sciatica. Nothing worked before Spider Tape to help keep the pain at bay while I healed. I always had pain and since I always train hard, I lived on Ibuprofen, which had me very concerned for the health of my liver. SpiderTech makes it so I can take care of my body inside and out. It can help you too, whether you are a weekend warrior or simply someone who is active and living life to the fullest!

For me, SpiderTech is not only for training and racing at my best, but also for traveling on long flights across the globe. When I sit for long hours when traveling, my lower back and IT bands get very tight. The Lower Back and Hip Spiders keep me loose and the blood flow uninterrupted. I arrive at my destination feeling ready to ride and train the first day, instead of spending two or three days trying get rid of “airplane legs.”

It will stay on for 3-5 days when applied correctly. AMAZING!! SpiderTech tape has been designed to stay on during all types of activities including in the water. Due to its skin-like make-up, SpiderTech provides a ‘dynamic’ type of support to the body without fully restricting normal movement usually experienced with other types of sport/athletic tape. It's so easy to use, drug-free and you can do it yourself!

This incredible magic tape comes in very cool colours and my favourites are the “X” Spider and the “Y” Spider as they are easiest to use and will fit perfectly into any size luggage in SpiderTech's very sassy and cool small aluminum box, about the size of a TV remote."

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