Wattie Ink. is excited to announce an exclusive partnership between the Wattie Ink. Elite Team and SpiderTech tape. SpiderTech tape, the world’s #1 pre-cut kinesiology tape, is a non-medicated cotton kinesiology tape that you apply to your body wherever it hurts. SpiderTech is the first to provide convenient, standardized and easy to use Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape Applications, called “Spiders” which are sixteen precut, ready-to-apply taping applications designed to support muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, alleviate pain, correct joint problems and speed healing and recovery. Designed by Dr. Kevin Jardine, a chiropractor and advisor to professional, collegiate and elite athletes who participate in cycling, running, triathlon, football, baseball, hockey, soccer and volleyball, SpiderTech has revolutionized the methodologies of kinesiology taping, which for the first time provide a standardization of treatment in clinical use. The pioneering SpiderTech applications meet the needs of rehabilitative professionals by providing a synergistic influence on pain reduction, performance enhancement and prevention of injury, the triad of which is referred to as “3P” – Pain, Performance and Prevention. SpiderTech tape is fabricated from high-grade cotton material with 100% acrylic, hypoallergenic adhesive. The tape is water-resistant and breathable, and can be worn for up to five days. SpiderTech is a proud sponsor of multiple Olympic medalists, professional athletes and amateur weekend warriors.

"We're excited to enter into a partnership with Wattie Ink. and believe that Wattie Ink. is the world’s premier triathlete team brand. A team that embodies the purpose and promise we work towards daily – to provide inspiration and empowerment to athletes around the world." Says Darren Contardo - Vice President of Marketing at SpiderTech.

Wattie Ink. could not be more excited to have this support from such an esteemed brand to help aid our team of elite athletes through recovery and ultimately higher performance. The Wattie Ink. Elite Team is comprised of over 100 athletes that balance full time jobs, families and competing at a top level on a daily basis, so recovery and prevention is of the utmost importance. Especially as we near the end of race season and World Championships are on the forefront, maintaining a healthy level of fitness is crucial and SpiderTech tape is the perfect complement to their training regimes.

"We could not be more thrilled to have SpiderTech on board with the Elite Team. These athletes are pushing themselves on a daily basis and having the ability to help bring their recovery, training and racing to the next level is huge. We’re ready to rock the Spider!" says Wattie Ink. CEO, Sean Watkins.

Keep an eye out for the Wattie Ink. Elite Team #RocktheSpider throughout the 2014 season!