Kinesiology tape is a special type of athletic tape used to prevent and treat muscle injuries, like sprains, strains, and other forms of pain. It is different from traditional sports taping products because of how it is manufactured. It is made from latex-free materials, with a poly-acrylic adhesive which does not leave any sticky residue after the tape is removed. In addition, the tape is waterproof and drug free.

Another feature of kinesiology tape which makes it different from other sports taping products is its elasticity. Traditional athletic tapes are rigid and meant to hold a muscle group or provide support in one specific location and prevent movement. The problem with these products is they prevent the body from moving within the normal range of motion. Further, traditional products can only be worn for a short period of time, because they are not breathable. If you sweat while wearing traditional sports tape, moisture gets trapped in between the skin and tape, and the tape may also start to come off because it is wet.

Is There a Difference Between Kinesiology Tape and SpiderTech Products?

The key difference between kinesiology tape and SpiderTech products is the amount of experience required to apply the tape. With SpiderTech products they are available in precut designs and include simple application instructions where you can apply the tape on your own to most areas of the body without any expert assistance. For more information about SpiderTech product explore our website or give us a call at 866-270-1753 today.