Many different people use SpiderTech taping products for various reasons, including professional athletes, fitness trainers, physical therapists, doctors, and normal people. How they use the sports tape products depends upon the results they require for the type of activity or injury being treated. For instance, prior to participating in rigorous sports, applying athletic tape to the muscle groups on the legs, back, arms, shoulder, and other areas of the body help reduce the likelihood of sustaining injuries. The tape provides additional support to the muscle groups, without affecting the normal range of motion while preventing overextending.

Treating injuries with SpiderTech taping products helps reduce healing times, lowers pain, and offers added protection to sprained, strained, and torn muscles in the body. The tape creates a natural extension to the skin. The body’s nerve endings provide feedback to the brain over the entire area where the sports tape is applied. As a result, the pain receptors are not primarily focused on the specific site of the injury, so signals sent to the brain about pain are decreased. Since you are not focused on your pain and discomfort, you are able to function normally within the limits prescribed by your physical therapist or doctor.

To learn more about SpiderTech taping products, feel free to explore our website, or give us a call at 1-866-270-1753 if you have further questions. Our products are latex free, waterproof, and designed to be worn for up to five days at a time.