When the Olympics are on, all eyes are glued to the screen to watch their country’s Olympians dunk, dive, run and throw. We meticulously examine every detail of how these outstanding athletes play their game and how they look doing it. With this, many viewers have noticed the colourful tape that don Olympians of every sport. You may have even seen this tape outside of the Olympics, on local runners and other recreational athletes. It’s important to note that there is an unequivocal difference between standard athletic tape and kinesiology tape.

Kinesiology tape provides durable, therapeutic support to an injured joint or area to reduce the pain and alleviate discomfort. Whereas athletic tape remains static and stagnant, kinesiology tape is extremely flexible while remaining sturdy in place to support the joint without restricting movement. Kinesiology tape is not a fad or stylish accessory, it’s a viable way of stabilizing joints and relieving pain and discomfort.

Why Kinesiology Tape Became So Popular Among Olympians

From beach volleyball Olympian Kerri Walsh to the legendary Michael Phelps, kinesiology tape can be found on all types of Olympians in various sports categories. In 2008 and 2012, several Olympians were seen wearing different colours of kinesiology tape on various body parts, from their arms, legs, neck face and feet. Athletes applied this tape as a form of treatment to support their joints while they are active or while they’re recovering. Kinesiology tape is a natural, non-invasive method of injury prevention and healing. That, along with it not hindering movement whatsoever, is among just some of the reasons kinesiology tape is so popular. The reality is that Olympic competitions are won or lost by mere fractions of a second. Therefore, any tool or technique that may support, advance or heal the body in any form could make all the difference between taking home gold or standing on the sidelines.

How It Works

Kinesiology tape is applied directly onto the area causing discomfort or pain akin to a second layer of skin. It works to support the muscles and fascia in the body without impeding movement. Standard athletic tapes are extremely restrictive and do hinder movement as the tape remains stuck in place and ultimately inhibits proper blood flow. Kinesiology tape promotes blood and lymphatic fluid flow to the damaged tissue to reduce inflammation and pain. However, kinesiology tape does not have to exclusively used to treat and heal an injury after it occurs. Kinesiology tape is an effective tool for injury prevention to promote joint stability and optimal muscle movement while keeping the muscle in place. The following are just some of the key ways kinesiology tape helps:

  • Corrects contraction caused by injured muscles
  • Reduces the occurrence of muscle spasms and fatigue
  • Prevents overstretching of the muscles
  • Promotes sensory feedback to the muscles
  • Reduces inflammation by helping the lymphatic system
  • Mitigates post-surgical bruising by increasing blood circulation
  • Mobilizes scar tissue by increasing glide between layers of tissue
  • Corrects joint components by aiding muscle movement surrounding the joint
  • Treats pain by instigating natural analgesic effect in the body’s skin receptors

Is Kinesiology Tape Only For Olympians?

In short, absolutely not! Anyone can benefit from the incredible advantages of kinesiology tape, including:

  • Individuals that have a job that requires repetitive motions which cause discomfort or pain due to swelling and over-stretching. This often applies to those in the construction, landscape, mechanic and mining industries.
  • Those who spend several hours at a desk often in a hunched position and have developed neck or back pain.
  • Athletes or those that partake in exercise sporadically, including runners, golfers, tennis players or swimmers.
  • Individuals who suffer from consistent migraines or headaches, chronic back pain or lack of sleep or uncomfortable sleep.
  • People with joint or muscle pain conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions.
  • Individuals that have recently experienced a joint or muscle injury and are attempting to recover.
  • Patients recovering post-surgery and struggling with pain.

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