You may have seen SpiderTech tape being worn by your favorite athletes, as well as during the recent Olympics. This tape is not just to add color to the athletes’ bodies, but also to help prevent injuring muscles groups within the body, as well as to prevent re-injury to them. It is a non-medicated tape which is water-resistant. It is designed to be applied to anywhere on your body where the muscles require support.

Anyone Can Use SpiderTech Tape

Prior to starting a workout or other type of physical activity, you can apply SpiderTech tape to your muscle groups and joints to help prevent against injuries. In cases where your sports training, weight training, or other workouts get too intense, and you are experiencing slight pain and discomfort, you do not have to sit on the sidelines.

Simply apply the tape to the affected area of the body to help prevent overextending muscles beyond their normal range of motion. The tape also provides additional support to the muscle groups and helps reduce your discomfort. In the event of a serious injury, it is recommended you seek medical attention if there is considerable swelling, discomfort, or bruising.

SpiderTech tape is latex free, so you never have to worry about an allergic reaction. It is made from 100 percent breathable cotton materials with a 100 percent poly-acrylic adhesive backing. It is available in several different colors and pre-cut designs, so you do not have to worry about measuring and cutting rolls of tape.