Kinesiology Tape Calf & Arch

The SpiderTech Calf and Arch Spider provides support for those patients dealing with issues in the arch, ankle and calf area. Stabilizing the ankle and arch can improve the healing process. Its material was created to closely mimic human skin, giving the wearer the ability to move freely without feeling restricted by taping or wrapping. The SpiderTech Calf's gel wave pattern feels comfortable on the skin and can stay put for up to 5 days with minimal irritation.

As low as USD$8.75

Precut Calf Tape Features

  • Material mimics human skin for natural feeling
  • Provides support for both the calf and the arch
  • Gel wave pattern is comfortable on skin and minimizes irritation
  • Easy to apply and can be used for up to 5 days



  • Color: Gentle, Beige, Blue, Black, Pink
  • Body Part: Calf