Kinesiology Tape Groin

SpiderTech Groin Spider is a kinesiology tape treatment that is precut and ready for application. This rehabilitative tape helps support surrounding muscle tissue and stabilize the groin region following injury or to help reduce minor pain. It can also be used for preventive measures and offers performance enhancement. The SpiderTech Groin Tape is made to same thickness, elasticity and weight of the skin, so it goes on clean and won't interfere with sports or day-to-day activities.

As low as USD$6.99

Precut Groin Tape Features

  • Rehabilitation tape that treats and supports groin injuries.
  • Designed for fast application times.
  • Made with hypoallergenic glue that is light and elastic.
  • One size fits all.



  • Color: Gentle, Beige, Blue, Black, Pink
  • Body Part: Groin