Kinesiology Tape Wrist

SpiderTech Precut Wrist Spider is a professionally-designed kinesiology application that provides dynamic support for the muscles surrounding the wrist and forearm. This application helps to alleviate minor pain and symptoms associated with wrists and fingers. When you use the SpiderTech Precut Wrist application, you will notice improved muscle timing and feedback, decreased minor pain, restored muscle activation and improved performance.

As low as USD$6.99

Precut Wrist Tape Features


  • Precut and ready to apply
  • Engineered to optimize protocol for patient treatment without the complexity and inconsistency of manual taping
  • Therapeutic supports developed to facilitate a functional approach to minor pain modulation and myofascial dysfunction



  • Color: Gentle, Beige, Blue, Black, Pink
  • Body Part: Wrist