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SpiderTechtm is innovative and easy-to-use elastic Kinesiology tape, providing 100% drug free relief for all your minor aches and pains. Designed to provide the greatest variety of solutions for a myriad of different issues, in a clinical environment or in daily use, SpiderTechtm is the most complete range of quality therapeutic tape products.

SpiderTechtm supports the body’s natural physiology to deliver pain relief as well as provide support for Joint Instability, Sprains and Muscle Strains. SpiderTechtm Kinesiology Tape provides support in three key areas: Pain Relief, Prevention of Further Injury & Performance Enhancement.

The Products
All SpiderTechtm Kinesiology Tape products are latex-free, hypoallergenic, and uses high-grade breathable cotton material. Easy to use, SpiderTechtm tapes are 100% drug free and natural pain relief. The tape is water resistant, sweat proof, and lasts for days, providing relief wherever you go.

Rolls of Continuous Tape

Spider Tapetm Rolls offer the ability to customer design your applications. You can apply the tape in long continuous applications or cut it to the perfect size for your specific needs. Rolls work best if you have some familiarity with anatomy and physiology and are willing to take the time to cut, measure, and prep the tape.

Universal Shapes

Like the roll tape the selection of X Y and I shaped Tapes are perfect for custom, versatile applications. Easy to use and great for smaller pain points, the X Y and I shapes offer the ability to tape with your muscles and joints, with all the prep work and cutting done for you. The machine cut edges and rounded corners mean less fraying or peeling.

Precut Spiders

The 17 body part specific precuts are a complete tape application in one continuous piece of tape. The Precut applications, or Spiders, can be used to reduce harmful ranges of motion and provide pain relief. The Spiders can be applied in an easy step by step fashion, providing uniformly consistent therapy, making them the best options for people with chronic conditions or longer treatment length.


Spider Tapetm

Our standard cotton tape with a poly acrylic adhesive, Spider Tapetm is made in Canada to the exacting standards of our ISO Certified Quality Department. The tape mimics the thickness and weight of human skin for the most effective neurosensory response and the wave pattern of the adhesive ensures long lasting wear.

Spider Tape Protm

Made by the original Japanese Tape company, Nitto Denko, Spider Tape Protm is our clinical grade material. Made of 100% breathable cotton, using a specially formulated solid latex free adhesive and crafted to the same exacting specifications for the last 30 years, this is the best quality tape on the market today.

SpiderTech Gentletm

SpiderTech Gentletm uses Nitto Denko’s Strata-gel adhesive; scientifically formulated for sensitive and fragile skin. The Strata-geltm adhesive conforms to the entire skin area, allowing its gentle adhesive to maintain grip without irritation during wear, and minimizes the amount of skin cells damaged during removal. Great for patients with sensitive skin, including geriatric and pediatric populations.