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Easiest Kinesiology Tape to Apply.

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SpiderTech i-STRIPS
Kinesiology Tape

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Performance Enhancing Cycling Kinesiology Tape

If you’re a cyclist who’s ever felt the sharp twinge in one or both of your knees or ankles, you’re not alone. Knee and ankle pain is the most common lower-body problem among cyclists. SpiderTech’s cycling kinesiology tape is designed to help you ride further, without pain and discomfort.

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Why Cyclists Choose Spider Tech For Ankle And Knee Support

Cycling is great exercise, but over time can cause stress on your joints. Most injuries and pain come from “overdoing it”. Riding longer or harder than your body is used to will strain your connective tissues, causing inflammation, discomfort and pain.

When looking for knee support for cycling, relief from ankle pain during cycling, or other injury remedies, there are many different treatment options. Our kinesiology tape will help you reduce the pain and discomfort of peddling for long periods of time, allowing you to go greater distances.

SpiderTech created kinesiology tape using a technology that effectively alleviates pain and decreases muscle tension and swelling, without limiting your range of motion. The SpiderTech i-STRIP technology was designed to help you ride further.

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Easy Application

Snap. Stick. Ride. SpiderTech makes applying our kinesiology tape a quick and easy process, so you can get back to pedaling. When looking for athletic tape to support your muscles or joints during cycling, simply apply our kinesiology tape and let our i-STRIPS do the rest. To remove our kinesiology tape, simply pull the tape away from your body until it’s completely removed from your skin.

Don’t let joint pain knock you off track. Experience drug free pain relief that lasts with SpiderTech’s kinesiology tape.

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