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Online Modules & Webinars

Key Topics covered in the Online Modules include:

  • Neurophysiology of Pain
  • The process of Nociception
  • The characteristics of Neuromuscular Plasticity
  • SpiderTech's Clinical Relevance and Therapeutic Goals
  • SpiderTech Application Techniques

Attendees will receive a certificate of completion, and discounts towards our in-person Continuing Education Courses for CEUs. Register today as a Medical Professional, and receive 25% discount on the Online Modules.

Free live webinars and some of our amazing guest lecturers. Learn different techniques for applying SpiderTech Tape, both pre-cut and roll applications, to your patient in the most effective and efficient ways for maximum results. Engage in the interactive chat to discuss different modalities and ways to use kinesiology tape in your practice.

Take advantage of the special deals and promotions advertised during our live cast of the webinars but if you miss one, webinars are recorded and added to our video archive, so you can always refer back to them or catch up on topics you missed.

Spidertech Education Pack

For Physical Education, Kinesiology, Health Students