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Frequently Asked Questions

General Product Information:



  1. What is SpiderTech™?

    SpiderTech™ is a comprehensive line of ready to apply pre-cut kinesiology taping applications. Get back to what you love faster with the World’s #1 Pre-Cut Elastic Therapeutic Tape – SpiderTech. Used by medical professionals, top Olympic, professional athletes to the weekend warrior – SpiderTech pre-cut elastic therapeutic tape is easy-to-use, drug-free, enhances performance, is waterproof and lasts up to 5 days.
  2. What is the difference between SpiderTech and the other forms of kinesiology elastic therapeutic tape?

    SpiderTech is the world’s first and only company to provide the innovation of a convenient, standardized and easy to use pre-cut and ready to apply format. In fact, the patented EZ- apply technology is so easy-to-use you can apply it in seconds! No cutting, no waste, and reproducible results every time! Once you try SpiderTech pre-cut tape you’ll soon realize nothing is easier.
    SpiderTech vs Other Kinesiology Elastic Therapuetic Tape, Acupuncture and Athletic Tape

    SpiderTech vs Other Kinesiology Elastic Therapuetic Tape, Acupuncture and Athletic Tape

  3. What is the tape made of?

    SpiderTech products are engineered to mimic the thickness, weight and elasticity of human skin. Thus, they use high-grade 100% cotton material with a 100% poly-acrylic adhesive. There is no latex in the product therefore making it hypoallergenic. The tape is water-resistant and breathable, and can be worn for up to 5 days.

    The tape is designed to be worn on the skin even during strenuous exercise. The adhesive adheres well to the body and does not leave any residue when removed. The tape material has moderate elasticity, which matches the same basic elasticity found in human skin and muscle, allowing it to work with your body. This provides support and stability, without adversely affecting healthy ranges of motion.

  4. How does SpiderTech work?

    SpiderTech achieves its therapeutic effect naturally by either providing structural support or by altering the patient’s sensation of pain which is dependent on how the tape is applied.

    Structurally, if the tape is stretched and applied over muscles in a shortened position it will provide a mechanical barrier to potentially harmful postures and ranges of motion.

    On a neurosensory level, SpiderTech helps to normalize the alterations in neurological signaling that occur after injury or as a result of chronic pain.

    The tape provides enhanced sensory stimulation which essentially disrupts and diminishes signals of pain. What is revolutionary about this is the effect of the continuous stimulation provided by wearing SpiderTech on the skin may help to break the cycle of chronic pain.

    The bottom line is a decrease in the sensation of pain along with normalizing the neural drive to the muscles involved resulting in restored mobility and strength. SpiderTech therapy means less pain and more activity for more people.

  5. How do you apply SpiderTech?

    As easy as 1, 2, 3

    There are 17 pre-cut designs and there are different videos for each on how to apply. Each pre-cut comes with an easy-to-use numbered system to have a step-by-step application. Nothing is easier!
    Click here to watch the HOW TO APPLY videos
  6. How do you apply the Universal X Spider Pre-Cut Kinesiology Elastic Therapeutic tape?

    Simply apply the versatile and easy-to-use Universal X Spider tape in just seconds to your neck, back, knee or wherever it hurts. Plus, the non-latex adhesive holds when you need it to without leaving any residue when removed. Apply the Universal X Spider to clean or shaved skin, tear all perforations before applying, peel back the backing tape marked #1 and stick it where it hurts. Gently rub the tape to activate the adhesive and then apply the tape marked #2 one at a time. Avoid touching the tape with your fingers to ensure the tape sticks to your targeted area. That’s it! Now you’re good for up to 5 days.
  7. Does SpiderTech also have rolls of kinesiology elastic therapeutic tape?

    Yes. SpiderTech offers rolls of kinesiology elastic therapeutic tape in addition to our pre-cut applications. The same material is used for both, so if you prefer to cut your own tape then you can find them on the SpiderTech kinesiology elastic therapeutic tape rolls product page.
  8. How do SpiderTech applications compare to the rolls in terms of cost?

    When the amount of material used to reproduce a pre-cut application from a standard roll is used along with factoring in the amount of time saved without having to cut the tape to perform a particular application, the two versions of the application are comparable price wise. However, the true value of the pre-cut application is that it is multiple times faster to apply, does not require cutting, typically has less waste as a result, and is easier to use. Plus, the pre-cut applications stay on longer due to the professionally machined cutting of the applications which prevent the common fraying effect of cutting with scissors and therefore fewer applications are needed over the course of therapy.
  9. Is there any difference in the four colors?

    SpiderTech applications and tape are available in four different colors, beige, black, blue and red. However, there are no known manufacturing or therapeutic differences among the different colors.
  10. Do the applications come in different sizes?

    At present there is only one size for each of the SpiderTech applications. The sizing has been designed to fit approximately 80% of the population. The primary method by which this form of therapy achieves its therapeutic benefit is through neurological mechanisms and therefore exact sizing per say is not necessary. It may be a bit bigger on one patient and a little smaller on another and with both cases the therapeutic effect is still achieved. For portions of the population which are outside the range of accommodation, you can use SpiderTech tape in the roll format.
  11. What does each pre-cut design signify?

    There are currently 17 different SpiderTech applications that have been professionally engineered and pre-cut for different areas of the body. They have been designed using our current understanding of functional anatomy to contour the body providing associated anatomy with the support required to manage the majority of conditions associated with each body part. Even though there are 17 static designs there dozens of different ways of applying each SpiderTech application. Here is a list of the current line of pre-cuts:
  12. Can the applications be re-used?

    SpiderTech applications are designed for one-time use and cannot be reapplied after they have been removed. Each application is designed to be worn continuously for up to five (5) days.
  13. Do the applications come in bulk packaging as well?

    Yes. SpiderTech™ applications are available in 5 and 10 packs as well as individually, plus we have the Universal X Spider available in 2, 6, 20 packs and as a 40 packs in the Power Strips format. We also have the Lower Back, Postural, Knee, and Neck in packs of 4. If you are a distributor or medical professional looking to order in bulk then please sign up to be contacted or contact our customer service centre at (866) 270-1753.
  14. Is there a difference between the overall surface area covered with a larger application as opposed to just a strip of tape?

    Neurologically speaking as a stimulus becomes stronger, the number of receptors excited and the frequency of the impulses generated increase. This provides more activity at the central and peripheral nervous system levels, which may facilitate the effects of the SpiderTech™ applications.
  15. Where can I buy SpiderTech Tape?

    SpiderTech tape is available directly online from us and at leading retailers around the world. Additionally, you can find medical professionals including therapists using our store locator.
  16. What do I do if I want to return the product?

    SpiderTech tape is designed with the most stringent quality controls and is classified as a class 1 medical device. The facility is ISO approved and as an organization quality assurance is paramount to us. We want you to be happy with our product(s), so if you would like to return any product please visit the returns section of our website or call our customer service centre at (866) 270-1753.
  17. How can I become a SpiderTech Ambassador?

    If you have a passion for sport, helping people and are an influencer – you may qualify to be a SpiderTech Ambassador. We partner with top athletes, celebrities and peer influencers to help share the message of SpiderTech one person at a time. If you would like to become a SpiderTech Ambassador please contact us and submit your reason for wanting to become an ambassador.


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