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Performance Enhancing Golf Kinesiology Tape

Our golf kinesiology tape has a range of uses, from our lower back “game saver” tape to our forearm tape application, our golf i-STRIPS are built to give your muscles better support and increase rotation and range of motion.

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The SpiderTech golf kinesiology tape will help relieve muscle tension while improving core body functions to help enhance the physical mechanics of your game. SpiderTech worked closely with Dr. Nick Martichenko to help design our advanced golf i-STRIPS with 10 game improving applications. Nick is a doctor of chiropractic as well as a strength and conditioning coach that works with Golf Ontario’s Junior Development Team to help players within the university and professional levels.

Enhance your overall performance with our kinesiology tape designed and created specifically with the golfer in mind. Give our golf i-STRIPS a try today and experience the SpiderTech difference.



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Newest National Partner of PGA of CANADA

SpiderTech is pleased to announce it's new association as a national partner of PGA of Canada.

As part of the partnership agreement, PGA of Canada members will be able to try SpiderTech products at national championships throughout the year.

“The PGA of Canada is very excited to partner with an upstart Canadian brand like SpiderTech,” said the PGA of Canada’s CEO Kevin Thistle. “On behalf of all our members from across the country we couldn’t be more pleased to have SpiderTech onsite at our national championships and at our world-class education conference, Tee Talks Live."


Pain Relief Made Simple

One of the most common applications for our golf kinesiology tape is to provide support for golfer’s elbow. Many people struggle with finding the right golfer’s elbow treatment that allows them to overcome their pain so that they can continue performing at a high level. SpiderTech’s kinesiology tape for golf provides athletes with a much needed solution.


Our golf i-STRIPS relieve pain without the use of drugs by eliminating the forearm tightness that causes golfer’s elbow, providing you with extra support and allowing you to continue to play pain free. Our golf kinesiology tape works all over the body by alleviating soreness and muscle tightness.

Start playing pain free with SpiderTech’s kinesiology tape for golf which can be used for a variety of injuries that you may experience within your forearm, hip, elbow, back, calf and more.


Wrist Tape for Golf Players
Golf Athletic Tape

Easy Application

Snap. Stick. Golf. Easily apply our athletic tape to your injury and get back to playing the game. Designed for quick application, our golf kinesiology tape allows you to effectively place the golf i-STRIPS on your injury to relieve pain and enhance body movement and physical performance.

When it comes time to take off our golf i-STRIPS, removing it is just as easy as the application process. Let SpiderTech take care of your golf related injuries today so that you can focus on the game.