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Performance Enhancing Hockey Kinesiology Tape

Whether its puck handling skills, shooting or speed enhancement you’re looking to develop, SpiderTech’s hockey kinesiology tape can help to improve your game on the ice.

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Our kinesiology tape for hockey is scientifically designed to feel like human skin to ensure your comfort during your game or practice while also releasing muscle tension. Don’t let injuries hold you back, eliminate your pain and allow your body to perform at its highest level while on the ice.

Our hockey kinesiology tape was built to help hockey players both during the game and for post-game recovery. Trust SpiderTech today for all of your hockey injury and performance needs.



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Pain Relief Made Simple

A majority of hockey players have likely experienced various muscular injuries at some point during their playing careers, especially due to the intense physical nature of the sport. SpiderTech created their hockey i-STRIPS to not only enhance performance but to also allow players to perform pain free. Rather than using drugs for quick pain relief, try our hockey kinesiology tape to help relieve muscle tension while also improving your body’s range of motion.

Our hockey i-STRIPS were designed to alleviate soreness and can be applied to a variety of body parts to remove tightness from your muscles. Take your game to the next level and ease your pain with SpiderTech’s kinesiology tape for hockey.


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Easy Application

Snap. Stick. Skate. Our hockey i-STRIPS were built for easy application to ensure athletes can quickly and effectively relieve their pain and get back on the ice. Simply peel back our hockey kinesiology tape and stick it directly to the injured area.

Once applied, you can focus on what matters and our hockey i-STRIPS will take care of the rest. Try SpiderTech’s hockey kinesiology tape today to experience simple pain relief and enhanced body movement and range of motion.