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The Hammer Documentary

The Hammer follows adventure racer and rookie cyclist, Jason ‘The Hammer’ Lane, as he attempts to win the hardest endurance race in the world - The Race Across America (RAAM).

On day three of the 3,000-mile, cross-country, nonstop cycling race, a fit and confident Hammer was dominating the field. Three hours later, he was hit, run over and dragged by a car. Supported by a rookie crew, in over their heads, and under the pressure cooker of a documentary film, The Hammer must battle against all odds to win The Race Across America.

The opening scene of “The Hammer” exposes everything. We show the most critical and tragic moment of our hero’s journey as the camera crew runs frantically to capture it. You are in the movie. We give you no choice but to be. You always feel the tension of the race. But, you also forget about the race. This movie does not just document an impossible journey, but features the intimate roller coaster of friendship and trust. We knew we were going to film a tough and gritty race, but we had no idea that we would uncover such depths of perseverance, love, and loyalty. With selected sections showing the film being made, the viewer does not simply watch The Hammer, they quite literally are in the passenger seat of the most unique and intimate race film ever made.


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