Kinesiology Tape Full Knee

SpiderTech Full Knee Spider was specifically developed to brings a functional approach to muscle, joint, and myofascial injuries and dysfunction treatment. Engineered for healthcare professionals to help them provide the most effective and easy-to-use taping applications. It can control swelling to the knee joint for pain-free mobility. SpiderTech Full Knee is different than other tapes because during rehabilitation patients can resume their training exercises or normal activities .This allows patients to be active in the recovery and therapeutic process.

As low as USD$8.75

Pre-cut Full Knee Tape Features:


  • Kinesiology tape ideal for knee injuries
  • Mimics thickness, weight and elasticity of human skin
  • Gives positive physiotherapeutic results
  • Precut and ready to apply
  • Fits full knee area
  • Cotton and 100% acrylic, hypoallergenic adhesive



  • Color: Gentle, Beige, Blue, Black, Pink
  • Body Part: Full Knee