What is kinesiology tape?

Kinesiology tape is used by millions of people worldwide and it works.

What is it?

It is a stretchable breathable cotton that we stick to our skin.

So how does it work?

A latex free, heat sensitive adhesive is applied on a cotton in a wave pattern, it has spaces in between which allow for air to pass through.

Once the cotton is adhered and cured to the skin (the sticky adhesive cures at body temperature): It turns out to be rubber bands glued between the cotton and the skin.

These rubber bands contract with the movement of the body and hold the cotton from pulling away from the skin, it creates a lifting action of the skin from the layers underneath, therefore making more space in between them. (see our video here)

The cotton is now an outer layer on our skin, or a second skin that has no sensory feeling, it feels no heat cold or pinch, it protects the skin.

Kinesiology tape has a few difficulties for first time users. Here are some solutions:

Issue: Because the adhesive is not cured, (remember it cures at body temperature and needs to be gently rubbed on after applying) it is sticky and tricky to work with in the beginning
Solution: Try not to touch the glue.

Issue: Removing the tape is an unpleasant experience if not done properly
Solution: Gently pull it off, (best when its dry) without allowing the skin to get pulled with the tape, it is best to secure the position of the skin by holding the skin around the tape with your fingers while pulling the tape off.

Issue: Some people might be allergic to the glue
Solution: This only applies to very small fraction of people but best is to remove the tape asap, it's not for you.

Kinesiology tape for face masks

Kinesiology tape fabric with a paper towel adhered to it as a filter, can be used to DIY face mask. It's breathable, stretchable and comfortable over your nose and mouth. In addition it's easy to adhere directly on to the bridge of the nose or with a face protection strip.

This mask would be able to filter out small particles but not viruses.

A gentle version of kinesiology tape is used on the face especially on the bridge of the nose (See video)

to protect the sensitive skin from mask irritation and enabling sticking and unsticking another layer on it without damaging the skin.

It also enables you to use any mask without irritating the skin.