June 2014

  1. Apply Running Tape to Lower Risks of Injury

    Increasing support to your legs is important if you participate in sports where your legs are put through repeated movement and motions for an extended period of time. Whether you enjoy running, jogging, walking, or riding your bike for your daily exercise, or are an avid athlete who participates in regular sporting events, applying running tape in the proper areas can help lower your risks of injury. Continue reading
  2. What Is Kinesiology Tape?

    Kinesiology tape is a special type of athletic tape used to prevent and treat muscle injuries, like sprains, strains, and other forms of pain. It is different from traditional sports taping products because of how it is manufactured. It is made from latex-free materials, with a poly-acrylic adhesive which does not leave any sticky residue after the tape is removed. In addition, the tape is waterproof and drug free. Continue reading
  3. Relieve Pain with Body Tape

    Muscle pain, lower back discomfort, and other types of body soreness can be alleviated with body tape. This revolutionary product is used in place of strong prescription drugs or over-the-counter medicines which affect your performance, energy levels and ability to operate at full mental capacities. Continue reading
  4. Can Anyone Use Athletic Tape to Treat a Muscle Injury?

    One common question many people have is whether they can use athletic tape to treat a muscle injury, or if this tape is only for athletes. No matter whether you are a sports professional player, or a normal person suffering from chronic low back pain or a strained, sprained, or torn muscle, you are free to use sports tape to help aid in the healing process. Just make sure you select the proper taping product, because there are differences, such as how long you wear them, and how difficult they are to apply. Continue reading
  5. Your Favorite Athletes Wear SpiderTech Tape

    You may have seen SpiderTech tape being worn by your favorite athletes, as well as during the recent Olympics. This tape is not just to add color to the athletes’ bodies, but also to help prevent injuring muscles groups within the body, as well as to prevent re-injury to them. It is a non-medicated tape which is water-resistant. It is...
  6. Protect Your Ankle during Rigorous Activities with Ankle Tape

    Whenever you participate in rigorous sports and other activities where your ankles move constantly or frequently, it is highly recommended you use ankle tape to help protect this area of your body. Properly applied tape helps protect this area of the body because it reduces the stresses placed on the joint during physical sports and other activities. Taping is used...
  7. Team SpiderTech Raises $356,214 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

    This past weekend (June 7-8) over 5,200 riders rode 200 km from Toronto to Niagara and raised $20 million for cancer research in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer. Not only was SpiderTech a sponsor, but we threw the towel in and decided to form a team to raise funds ourselves and contribute to the cause in every way we could...
  8. Bring Relief from Pain with Drug-Free Spider Tape

    If you are looking for a drug-free way to bring relief and support from muscle injuries, you should try Spider Tape. This revolutionary kinesiology tape is designed to help alleviate your discomfort while helping to promote healthy healing without the use of strong prescription medications. The tape can be applied to anywhere your muscles ache and feel sore. It may...
  9. Use Knee Tape to Protect Your Knees against Injury

    Before undertaking strenuous activities where you will be bending your knees, it is worthwhile to protect your knees using knee tape. This special type of tape is designed to provide added support to the muscles to help lower the likelihood of sustaining an injury, compared to not using any taping product. In addition, the tape helps protect people who have...

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