April 2015

  1. The SpiderTech Universal X Spider creates targeted relief of minor aches and pains

      Every person in the workforce experiences minor aches and pains on a daily basis. If you drive for a living, back pain will often bother you. Knee pain and hip pain are very common for people who work on their feet in restaurants, retail shops and medical facilities. Tradespeople often bear elbow pain, shoulder pain and back pain. Continue reading
  2. Congrats to SpiderTech's Sandy Hudson!

    The United States #1 Ranked Dart Player, Sandy Hudson battles illness and tough competition to finish in the top 8 amongst the elite players. Sandy brilliantly finished the day though with a WIN and shared the top Sandy returned to Virginia Beach for the 5th year in a row with her new Winmau prototype dart 2.0 and high hopes at...
  3. SpiderTech can aid in the relief of computer-related arm pain, elbow pain and wrist pain

    If you are American and work in an office, there is a better-than-average likelihood that you spend at least four hours of your workday in front of a computer. This is considered to be heavy computer use. Heavy use of computers often leads to discomfort in the upper body: from pain in the hands and wrists, through soreness in the elbows and shoulders and into upper back and neck pain. Continue reading
  4. Knee Pain From Osteoarthritis Can Be Improved By Walking

      Reference article: http://www.webmd.com/osteoarthritis/features/knee-pain-walk Continue reading
  5. Knee Pain From Osteoarthritis May Develop Because Of A Previous Injury

      Reference article: http://www.webmd.com/pain-management/knee-pain/knee-problems-and-injuries-topic-overview?page=2; http://www.webmd.com/hw-popup/osteoarthritis Knee pain is one of the most common physical problems from which people of all ages are likely to suffer. One of the many causes of knee pain is Osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative joint disease that is often marked by the ongoing deterioration of cells and joints as well as by the  loss of...

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