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Author: Heather

  • Jenny Fletcher

    I won my first race as a pro with the SpiderTech tape on my knee.  I swear by this product and without it, I am not even sure I could run. It has changed my world both in training and racing. I’m addicted!

    — Jenny Fletcher, Triathlon

  • Leryn Franco

    As an Olympian, it is important that I compete often and at the highest level to be at my best. I have competed in the last three Olympic games and so training hard is a way of life. SpiderTech helped me train at my very best and helps keep the pain away. It is simple and easy to use and lasts through my hardest workouts. For anyone who wants to take their game to the next level, I recommend SpiderTech.
    — Leryn Franco, Olympic javelin thrower, Paraguay

  • Evelyn Sheftel

    Evelyn Sheftel describes her experience using SpiderTech to treat shoulder pain and how it helps her sleep at night.


  • Levi Leipheimer

    At the start of my recovery, when I was riding outside without the tape (SpiderTech), it was extremely painful. Then I got the tape, and the difference was amazing. It was suddenly not painful to ride anymore. And then I realized that if I didn’t tape, it would make a noticeable difference the next day. I’d be in so much more pain if I didn’t use the tape. I feel like it really sped up my recovery. — Levi Leipheimer is one of the top U.S. professional cyclists, finishing 3rd in the 2007 Tour de France. In early 2012 he broke his fibula in a collision with a car while training but, in part thanks to SpiderTech tape, returned to competition in the Amgen Tour of California in May, finishing 6th.

  • Dotsie Bausch

    Throughout all of my long and arduous training days, SpiderTech tape keeps me loose, recovered and performing at my best for each and every workout. — Dotsie Bausch, 2012 Olympic silver medalist and 7-time U.S. champion

  • Neck and arm pain relief

    A patient with acute neck and arm pain responds in 24 hours to use of Hip Spider and X Spider in structural application on shoulder to unload inflamed painful tissues.

  • Shoulder and arm pain relief

    A patient with acute rotator cuff strain and biceps strain responds well to structural application of X Spiders to unload inflamed tissues.

  • Paula Findlay

    I’ve been suffering from a nagging hip injury, using the X-Spider has helped me recover from this injury and allowed me to compete at the highest level.

  • Adam van Koeverden

    SpiderTech is the simplest and easiest way to treat injuries – put the tape where it hurts, it’s so simple, but very effective. I would recommend any elite athlete or weekend warrior try SpiderTech.

  • Simon Whitfield

    While training for, or after a race, aches, pains and more serious injuries are just part of sport, SpiderTech tape helps me manage pain and greatly improves my recovery time.