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  • Tips and Tricks for Kinesiology Tape Application

    SpiderTech kinesiology tape has many different options and endless possibilities for applications to help with all sorts of issues.

    Whether you are working with Spider Tape Rolls, Pre-Cut Applications or the universal shapes like X Spiders or I Strips, here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your next SpiderTech purchase.

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  • Taping for Winter Sports

    There are more uses for Kinesiology tape during the winter season than you think.


    Colder temperatures mean that your muscles are more likely to become cool faster, making them more prone to injury. Winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing and ice hockey can put your body into awkward an unpredictable positions so it is important to prepare for this to avoid potential injury.

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  • How to Manage Sciatica During Pregnancy

    Aches, pains, and overwhelming fatigue are normal aspects of a pregnancy, particularly in the third trimester, and that’s hard enough to deal with. But some women have it worse.

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  • X Spider Application


    Infographic Application Guide for the Universal X Spider

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  • 9 Steps to Dealing with Groin Strain

    shutterstock_243374626If you accidentally did the splits while hitting the slopes this winter (or just trying to get down the driveway), don’t be too embarrassed, you’re not alone! Groin strains are not uncommon, especially among athletes. You’re at high risk for a groin injury if you participate in a sport that requires sudden and fast leg movement, or has a lot of contact. However, anyone can cause themselves injury if they do not take the proper steps like stretching properly before and after an especially strenuous workout. Any sudden movement, especially to the side, can cause a groin strain that can take weeks to heal.

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  • Cheerleaders Can Benefit From SpiderTech for Pain Relief


    Over the past few decades cheerleading has grown by leaps and bounds (literally). It was estimated in 2002 that there were 3.5 million cheerleaders in the U.S. As the number of participants continue to grow so does the risk of injury. As cheerleading evolved over the past few decades the routines have become more difficult. It is not uncommon to see high level gymnastic movements done by cheerleaders.  According to a 2012 position policy and report from the American Academy of Pediatrics, cheerleading accounted for approximately 66 % of all catastrophic injuries suffered by high school girls over the past 25 years.

    The most common mechanisms for injury are basing or spotting, tumbling and falls. Injuries to the lower extremity are the most common. These are followed by upper extremity, head and neck, and trunk injuries. The most common type of injuries are strains and sprains. The areas that I personally see the most are the lower back, knees and shoulders. This mostly occurs from constant overuse due to poor body mechanics during lifting and spotting, as well as muscular imbalances. To help remedy this situation, Kinesiology taping is done as an adjunct to other treatment therapies.

    Spider Tech is a great adjunct to help reduce the stress placed on the cheerleader’s body from the rigors of training. It is not uncommon for a cheerleader to complain of more than one body part hurting. During the competitive season any down time can lead to a poor performance. To help get through the minor strains and sprains pre-cut SpiderTech applications are essential. They are easy to apply and they are great to take to competitions. It is not uncommon for an overuse injury to creep up right before a competition. In this scenario a complicated tape job for a parent or coach not trained in kinesiology taping would be out of the question. However, with the SpiderTech pre-cuts, support and healing to the area can be achieved with limited effort. SpiderTech pre-cuts are available at Walmart and other retailers near you, plus if you go to you can sign up for a mail in rebate to get your first pack free!





  • Relieve minor aches and pains anywhere with the SpiderTech Universal X Spider

    om nom nom...

    Old injuries, new injuries, the sensations that come of doing some new physical task: minor aches and pains affect all of us. We may get out of bed and feel soreness in our shoulders. We might spend two hours reading on our smart phones, and then our necks hurt. When the temperature shifts, we might feel it in our hips or our knees. At the office, people frequently complain about back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and wrist pain. Many people will look to their medicine cabinet to relieve these kinds of discomfort. They’ll take ibuprofen or aspirin, and feel glad that relief is coming.

    The daily use of drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen has proven to have potentially serious side effects. This is why we should be using drug-free alternatives to over the counter pain pills. SpiderTech is exactly that: drug free pain relief of minor aches and pains.

    The SpiderTech Universal X Spider provides targeted relief to the areas that are causing us pain. By simply sticking the X Spider to the areas that hurt, we can give ourselves powerful, long-lasting pain relief. The X Spider is pre-cut kinesiology tape which can easily be placed on any part of our bodies. Because it is made from cotton, it is flexible and breathable while providing pain relief for up to five days before needing to be changed. It is waterproof, so it can be worn in the bath, the shower and the pool.waiter

    Easy to apply, the SpiderTech Universal X Spider is a healthy and effective pain relief alternative to over-the-counter pain pills like ibuprofen and aspirin. While the X Spider provides targeted relief for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and wrist pain, it can be placed anywhere on the body and have the same incredible effect.

    SpiderTech can be found in the Pharmacy section at your local Walmart. To try it for free, please go to to register for a 100% mail-in rebate.



  • Li Na on the Latest Cover of Time Magazine with SpiderTech Tape

    Li Na is the poster child for grit, determination and the fighting spirit. Her comeback to win the Australian Open when she was close to retirement was inspiring to say the least. Her post-match interview was jaw-dropping and her poise as always is unwavering. A true champion that people admire; Li Na is a symbol of inspiration for not only the Chinese, but also anyone who simply wants to live up to their potential and be free… truly free to do what they love with passion.

    It’s that freedom of movement and inspiration that formed a great relationship with us here at SpiderTech and we’re so grateful that Li Na continues to use SpiderTech tape in every match. We’re incredibly proud of what she has achieved and wanted to share it with anyone who desires to be a true champion. Congratulations for inspiring greatness and gracing the cover of Time Magazine once more.

    SpiderTech Tape, Li Na, Time Magazine, Kinesiology Tape

    Li Ni Graces the Cover of Time Magazine Wearing SpiderTech Tape

    How to Use SpiderTech Tape Like Li Na

    To get tape like Li Na you will need our Spider Tape rolls and our Y Power Strips. Take one Y Power Strip and anchor it roughly 3 inches above the knee and tape downwards (spread Y around the middle over the knee cap). Now taking the roll, a piece should be cut 12-15 inches and be applied on the outer side of the knee, brought under the knee cap and over the bottom of the Y Power Strip, then onto the upper inner side of the knee (as shown on the cover of the magazine). You may need to try this a couple times before you get the hang of it. Or you can try our pre-cut upper knee spider that is pre-cut and ready to go.