Kinesiology tape was once a well-kept secret in manual therapy and sports medicine clinics. It is most commonly used to facilitate muscle function and stabilize joints. Kinesiology tape has now become a common practice for treating lower back pain in and out of sports medicine and chiropractic offices.

What Is Kinesiology Tape?

Kinesiology tape is designed to support and stabilize your joints without jeopardizing circulation or range of motion. The methodology behind kinesiology tape is based on the body’s natural healing processes.

Why Tape Your Lower Back?

There are a number of reasons that you can tape your lower back, and how you use the tape will be dependent on your own individual needs.

How Does Kinesiology Tape Work?

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Kinesiology tape is placed on the skin to reduce pain and inflammation, relax and/or support muscles.  It is not restrictive, which means that you still have the freedom to use your full range of motion. When compared to traditional sports tape, kinesiology tape stimulates the brain to propertly support itself vs passive stability and it does not restrict range of motion or obstruct blood or fluid flow.

There are two main ways that kinesiology tape helps to relieve pain and swelling:
1. The tape lifts the skin, which increases circulation and promotes the removal of toxins.

2. The tugging of the tape keeps the muscles constantly stimulated, which affects the pain signals, decreasing pain and imporving musclular function.

Kinesiology Tape Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Across the Back

 Kinesiology Tape lower Back

If you are experiencing lower back pain that spreads across the back, this taping method will help to reduce the pain. If you are trying to treat this type of back pain, a smaller 2-inch tape is the most beneficial.

Bend at the waist, and apply two strips of the tape on both sides of your spine without stretching them. Anchor the ends slightly above your waistline.

Lower Back Pain Along Your Spine

 Kinesiology Tape Lower Back

Like the previously mentioned treatment, treating back pain that runs down your spine can be done with a simple technique.

Bend at the waist and place two vertical stripes slightly above the waistline of your pants. Add two stabilizing strips on both sides of your spine - make sure you are applying them with as little stretch as possible close to the spine, but not touching it. If you are able to stand normally with the tape wrinkling, you'll know that it has been applied correctly.

Lower Back Pain Across the Sacroiliac Area

Kinesiology tape is one of the best ways to treat this type of pain.

Bend at the waist and apply the tape across the lower back, slightly above your waistline. Stretch the tape in the middle where you feel the most pain, but not the ends.

Other Uses of Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape is not only restricted to the lower back and can be used on any area of the body where there is soft tissue or where you are experiencing pain/discomfort. You can use kinesiology tape to:

  • Improve acute soft tissue issues, like muscle spasms
  • Improve poor posture
  • Improve muscle strength

Tips for Applying Kinesiology Tape to Your Lower Back

Tape Stretch: When using kinesiology tape to decrease pain and improve muscle function applying the tape with no stretch is ideal.

Remove Excess Hair Before Applying: If you have an excessive amount of hair in the area where you’d like to apply the tape, it is recommended that you remove it to make the application and removal process smoother and less painful.

Cut the Edges: Rounded edges allow the tape to last significantly longer.  Ideally you’re using   pre-cut kinesiology tape with machine cut edge but if not then make sure you round the edges with high quality scissors.

The Last Word

Don’t use other forms of tape as kinesiology tape. They don’t offer the same elastiity, breathability, and could lead to irritation and even blisters on your skin.

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