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Performance Enhancing Tennis Kinesiology Tape

Players are often forced to sacrifice performance when dealing with common injuries that arise during tennis training and matches. Using our tennis kinesiology tape will allow you to keep on playing at your highest level. SpiderTech’s kinesiology tape for tennis elbow and other various injuries will let you stay on the court and continue doing what you do best.

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Our tennis i-STRIPS are designed to be the same weight, thickness and elasticity of the human skin, allowing you to improve your range of motion and take your game to the next level. Dr. Nick Martichenko, a strength and conditioning coach that is a member of Denis Shapovalov’s medical and performance team, has helped to develop the science behind our tennis i-STRIPS which focuses on 12 game improving applications to enhance your overall performance.

Try SpiderTech’s tennis kinesiology tape today and experience the benefits first hand!



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Pain Relief Made Simple

All tennis athletes have had their game hindered through injuries, one of the most common being tennis elbow. When looking for tennis elbow treatment, there are a variety of solutions. Our tennis kinesiology tape will help you overcome tennis elbow and keep you in the game.


SpiderTech created its tennis i-STRIPS with the athlete in mind by designing a technology that molds to your skin to effectively alleviate pain, and decrease muscle tension and swelling, all without limiting your range of motion.

The SpiderTech i-STRIP technology can be used to treat a variety of injuries all over the body both to keep you playing and for post-match recovery purposes.



Easy Application

Snap. Stick. Play. SpiderTech makes it easy to quickly and effectively apply our tennis kinesiology tape so you can focus on what matters. When looking for tennis elbow relief or a solution for other injuries you may be dealing with, simply apply our tennis i-STRIPS to your place of pain and let our kinetic tape do the rest.

Removing our tennis kinesiology tape is just as easy, slightly pull the tape away from the centre of your body until it is completely off your skin. Try our tennis kinesiology tape, a drug free solution that will allow you to compete at your highest level.