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Performance Enhancing Skiing Kinesiology Tape

Using our skiing kinesiology tape will allow you to hit the slopes harder and ski further, longer, and with more agility and less pain.

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SpiderTech’s skiing kinesiology tape is designed to enhance your performance while you ski, whether you’re injured, or simply want to improve your endurance. Our kinesiology tape for skiing increases blood flow to the taped area which allows for more oxygen and more lymph drainage, increasing your performance immensely.

Use SpiderTech’s skiing kinesiology tape on shin splints, sore IT bands, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, skier’s thumb or anything else you injure while hitting the slopes.



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Pain Relief Made Simple

Skiers have been taping injuries, bruises, and sprains for years. SpiderTech’s skiing kinesiology tape will help you overcome skiing injuries and keep you on the slopes. After an injury, swelling occurs as a result of nerves being squeezed by fluid collecting in the injured area. SpiderTech’s kinesiology tape for skiing is a safe and comfortable way to help eliminate muscle tension and promote healing. When applied properly, SpiderTech’s athletic tape lifts your skin away from the muscle, relieving pressure on pain receptors.

SpiderTech’s kinesiology tape for skiing was designed to effectively alleviate pain, decrease muscle tension and swelling, all without limiting your range of motion. Try our performance tape for skiing today and experience the SpiderTech difference.


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Easy Application

Snap. Stick. Ski. SpiderTech makes it easy to quickly and efficiently apply our skiing kinesiology tape so you can focus on the slopes. SpiderTech’s tape was designed for fast and effective application. When looking for relief - simply watch our application video, place our skiing i-STRIPS to your injury, and let our athletic tape do the rest.

Removing our skiing kinesiology tape is just as easy, pull the tape away from the centre of your body until it’s removed completely. Try SpiderTech’s skiing kinesiology tape today and enjoy every minute on the slopes!