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  1. Karena Wu appears as pain expert on Dr. Oz’s Pain Clinic - Kinesiology Taping

    May 31, 2013 – As a physical therapist specializing in manual therapies, vertigo, TMJ, and Pilates for rehab and functional training, Karena Wu works in New York City as part of a network of providers that includes physicians, surgeons, and chiropractors in addition to alternative medicine practitioners that include acupuncturists, massage therapists, and doctors who offer cutting edge therapies. She...
  2. Why Are Olympic Athletes Wearing Kinesiology Tape?

    If you've been watching the 2012 Summer Olympics like I have, you also spotted it. I saw it on the lower back of some of the divers. Then, I saw it on the thighs or shoulders of some of the volleyballers. I took more notice and saw it in various colors and configurations. I wondered what it was and why...
  3. Parisien fights back from injury and depression to win first WorldTour stage

    Canada's Francois Parisien took the biggest win of his cycling career during the stage five bunch sprint at the WorldTour Volta Ciclista a Catalunya. He spoke with Cyclingnews about his turbulent year before joining ProTeam Argos-Shimano, that included a battle with injury and deep depression, along with the highlights of his upcoming schedule racing the Ardennes Classics and possibly his...
  4. Jordan Rapp Wins Ron Smith Triathlete of the Year Award

    SAN DIEGO, CA – February 11, 2013 – Triathlon Business International (TBI), an industry organization dedicated to promoting the sport and the business of triathlon, announced its male and female winners of the Ron Smith Triathlete of the Year Award. Ron Smith Triathletes of the Year – The award, named after Ron Smith, one of triathlon’s earliest pioneers, recognizes a...
  5. SpiderTech at the Super Bowl XLVII

    After a long regular season and grueling playoff run, the Baltimore Ravens have reached the Super Bowl. Many of the players have suffered minor and more serious injuries throughout the season. To keep the pros in the game, the training staff of the Ravens has regularly treated the players with SpiderTech - notably the X-Spider. Learn more about the X-Spider...
  6. Understanding Kinesiology Tape

    You’ve probably seen the brightly colored strips of fabric adorning the limbs of many a pro cyclist in recent years. Or, perhaps you’ve spotted them on the appendages and torsos of several athletes at the recent Summer Olympic Games in London in such sports as varied as volleyball, swimming and rowing. Those brightly colored lines and complex patterns aren’t the...
  7. SpiderTech Tape Voted Best Athletic Tape/Bandage

    SpiderTech awarded gold: The Canadian developer and world-leading provider of pre-cut kinesiology taping products that naturally reduce pain and restore strength and mobility to injured and sore muscles.
  8. SpiderTech at the Olympics

    SpiderTech was the most talked about product at the 2012 London Games with Olympic athletes from around the world sporting the coloured tape. Volleyball, cycling, track and field….you saw it everywhere.
  9. How an injury inspired innovation

    Innovation can come from the most unexpected places. Take for example Ray Arbesman, the owner of NRS Brakes, an auto components company. Injuring his knee just before a ski vacation, the Toronto inventor and entrepreneur was disappointed to discover that the kinesiology tape used to treat his injury could only be applied by a sports medicine professional.
  10. WWE abuzz over tape

    SpiderTech is kinesiology taping made easy, for everyone: When John Cena made his return to WWE Raw in Sacramento, Calif., the 10-time champion sported an intricate web of athletic tape. The crisscross, spiderweb-looking tape covering the Cenation leader’s arm left a big impression visually on the WWE Universe, but nary a word was spoken as to what, exactly, it was...

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