1. Victory for Zach Bell and Teammates!

    SpiderTech athlete Zach Bell and his super star teammates from Smart Stop professional cycling team, LIGHT UP the Vuelta Independencia Nacional with a team general classification Victory! Zach continues to rely on the X Spider for his #drugfreepainrelief of choice and the Upper Knee Spider and Postural Spider to keep him in top shape, recovered and feeling in top form. 
  2. Knee Pain Caused By Arthritis, Injury Or Overuse

  3. Drug Free Pain Relief for the Soreness and Strains of an Extended Winter

    Winter sucks.  The shoveling, slipping and trudging takes a toll on your poor, tired muscles and joints.  Your body, like everyone else’s, is going to let you know when you are adding to the everyday stress and strain, it’s going to hurt. The stiff shuffles in the morning, the back spasms from shoveling snow, and the soreness in your shoulders...
  4. Easy and versatile: Spider Tech Upper Knee Spiders and minor knee sprains

    It is amazing how a tiny motion can create a lot of pain. Many people are surprised at how they managed to sprain a knee by simply shifting their weight, twisting to catch something falling from the counter, or by bumping their knee against the side of a coffee table.  Knee sprains are caused by irregular or unfamiliar motions. If...
  5. COPA Expo, New York

      Daily Bump: COPA Expo - Javits Center, NYC Continue reading →
  6. LAST DAY TO VOTE! Optimyz Best of the Best 2014

    At SpiderTech we're a Canadian company located here in Toronto working hard to give you great customer service, world-leading products, and are always looking for new ways to make you get back to what you love to do faster and pain-free. As a result, we're up for the Optimyz Best of the Best 2014 awards again this year. We want...
  7. Outstanding Educational Workshop At Cleveland Clinic Canada – A Few Seats Still Available

    Cleveland Clinic Canada is hosting a 2 day workshop – The Sporting Foot & Ankle: Assessment, Management and Treatment of Common Foot and Ankle Injuries in Sports - Saturday October 18th and Sunday 19th at their downtown Toronto facility. Continue reading →
  8. In Class Training: NSM 1&2 (October 25-26, New York, New York)

    SpiderTech is excited to announce the release of our NEW Innovative Education Program: SpiderTech University.   Consisting of Webinars, Online Modules, and In-Person Continuing Education Seminars - SpiderTech University offers the most comprehensive Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Taping education and training available to Medical Professionals. Combined with the World¹s Most Innovative Therapeutic Tape you¹re sure to gain new insight on how...
  9. SpiderTech Athlete - Brian "The Predator" Rogers Fighting on SpikeTV

    Tomorrow at Bellator 125 in Fresno, CA SpiderTech Athlete Brian "The Predator" Rogers returns to the MMA ring and is set to fight Raphael Carvalho for the feature middleweight fight. Brian's tenacity in the ring is unparalleled and should be a tough match for Carvalho. Brian at 11-6-0 is ready to bring it to Carvalho starting at 9 p.m. live...
  10. Get the Support You Require by Taping Your Knee

    Do you dislike having your entire knee taped to protect it against injury when running? Does wearing a brace make it difficult to move while you are recovering from a knee injury or surgery? In these situations, and others, where you want more freedom of movement and still to protect your knee, there is a different way to get the...