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Pain Relief

  1. Kinesiology Taping During Pregnancy + Techniques for the Pregnant Belly

    Pregnancy can be one of the most magical times in a woman’s life. But with all the exciting stuff happening, there are also some unpleasant things that come along with it. Less pleasant things like nausea, swelling, increased sensitivity to smell or sound, difficult sleeping and back pain due to weight gain. Luckily, there are some medical applications that can...
  2. Using Kinesiology Tape To Reduce Injury And Improve Recovery

      For the past decade, kinesiology tape has been rising in popularity among physiotherapists, sports trainers and athletes alike. You've probably seen the brightly coloured tape running along an athlete's calf or crisscrossing around their knee, but how does a piece of tape help an athlete perform? Can you use kinesiology tape, too? Let's take a closer look at how...
  3. Common Sports Injuries and How SpiderTech Helps Prevent it From Becoming Serious

    Athletes spend countless hours in the gym trying to perfect their craft so that they can be at the top of their sport. They are measured by how good they are in their respective sport and how well their team is performing, not by how many hours they spend practicing. All that pressure puts a serious toll on their bodies...
  4. How To Prevent Muscle Cramps With Kinesiology Tape

      Whether you’re training, in competition or just completing a basic task, a muscle cramp can happen involuntarily and hinder your ability to move comfortably. The muscle contracts on its own and creates a hard lump at the centre point of pain. The cramping pain can last anywhere from a few seconds to minutes before it restores itself. Our muscles...
  5. Knee Pain 101

    By: Shannon Uppington NSCA-CPT, DOMP Snap! Crackle! Pop! No, I’m not talking about Rice Krispies, I’m talking about your knees. Unfortunately, these sounds are often associated with pain when it comes to the knees. Knee pain is on the rise. It’s actually one of the most common areas of pain/injury that I see in my Osteopathy practice and in my...
  6. How to treat Plantar Fasciitis?

    Don’t be afraid, but I’m going to talk about something that is every runner’s worst nightmare.  Its two evil words, one small piece of tissue that does so much but can also cause so much grief and agony.  Yes, plantar fasciitis.  There, I said it. So what exactly is plantar fasciitis?  First, let’s look at the function of the plantar...
  7. Foods to Keep You Happy While You’re in Pain

    Rest & Recovery can be aided with healthy and delicious options.  kinesiology tape shoulder Continue reading →
  8. Taping for Winter Sports

    There are more uses for Kinesiology tape during the winter season than you think.   Spider Tech Winter Taping Tips Colder temperatures mean that your muscles are more likely to become cool faster, making them more prone to injury. Winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing and ice hockey can put your body into awkward and unpredictable positions so it is important to prepare for this to avoid potential injury. Continue reading →
  9. 5 Reasons that Autumn is the Perfect Time for Fitness

     Shoulder Tape Autumn is one of the best times to start or re-invigorate your fitness routine. Unlike New Year’s Resolutions, lifestyle changes starting in the fall can be easier to keep and maintain for longer. Here are our top 5 reasons that autumn is the perfect time to start or change your fitness routine: Continue reading →
  10. Pain Relief & Pregnancy [Infographic]

        Continue reading →

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