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SpiderTech News

  1. NBA lifts decision on Derrick Rose and Other Players to Use Kinesiology Tape

    It's exciting to see that Derrick Rose is using kinesiology therapeutic tape to help his sore neck. The NBA's decision to let @drose and the players in the league wear tape for the athletic and therapeutic benefit is a great move. Kinesiology Therapeutic tape is drug-free, is targeted, and doesn't get in the way of natural movements like braces or...
  2. Jordan’s 5th Annual Rappstar Charity Challenge and World Bicycle Relief

    I just wanted to extend a quick thank you on behalf of your support for Jordan’s 5th Annual Rappstar Charity Challenge and World Bicycle Relief. This was by far the most successful year yet, raising more than $110,000 to put life changing bikes in the hands of students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs. I thought you might enjoy seeing our year...
  3. SpiderTech's Jordan Rapp Recaps Ironman Kona

    It was definitely not the race I wanted or expected to have. And it certainly wasn't a testament to how ready I was. I think I made the right decision on the day to stop, but it was still agonizing. However, I did a lot of work to prepare for Kona, and it seemed like a waste of fitness to...
  4. SpiderTech's Stacey Spencer Talks About The Upper Knee Spider

    "I injured my knee skiing and after 10 months of no improvement and more trauma to my knee I had extensive orthopaedic surgery . I went back to competitive cyclocross racing about 9 months after my surgery and after many months of intensive rehabilitation and training. As soon as my competitive season started I thought it was over as my...
  5. SpiderTech and Psychological Pain Management

    Here is a brief video recorded by Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli shot in Kona, Hawaii with our Wattie Ink. Elite Team sponsors SpiderTech Tape. It briefly discusses the psychological benefits of using SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape.
  6. Sargent Omar Romney Gets "jiggy" With His New Motor Bike On The Ride 2 Recovery

    Sargent Omar Romney gets "jiggy" with his new motorbike on the Ride 2 Recovery ( California Challenge that ended on Sunday. Soldiers cycled over 500 miles up and down the mountainous terrain, and Omar found special comfort in his Upper Knee Spiders that kept him pain-free and most importantly, FREE from wearing his cumbersome knee braces which he used to...
  7. SpiderTech's Jenny Fletcher Attends Ironman Kona

    Ironman Champion and SpiderTech Athlete Jenny Fletcher attends the 2013 Ironman Kona. Jenny talks about how SpiderTech tape has helped her to reach her goals in this exclusive invterview with Olympic Silver Medalist Dotsie Bausch.
  8. SpiderTech Athlete Ben Stoneberg Talks About His Favorite Pre-Cut - The Upper Knee

    Crossfit Pro and top ten at this year's 2013 Reebok Crossfit Games, superstar athlete Ben Stoneberg takes us through a journey of a few of his lifting routines and hip stretching, as he discusses the potency of his favorite pre-cut, the Upper Knee Spider. Learn how the Upper Knee Spider can help you during training and for premium recovery and...
  9. SpiderTech Athlete Scott Panchik Talks About the Upper Knee Spider

    Crossfit Pro and "Crossfit Mentality" gym owner, Scott Panchik talks about the ease of use and efficacy of the Upper Knee Spider and how it benefits him all through his tough days of training after not ONE, not TWO but THREE reconstructive knee surgeries!
  10. SpiderTech: Rappstar's Road to Kona - Part 1 of 3

    The first of a three part exclusive interview set with 2012 Ironman Champion Jordan Rapp brought to you by SpiderTech's Olympic Silver Medalist Dotsie Bausch.