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  1. Leipheimer credits tape with speedy recovery

    During the race I had a ton of SpiderTech tape on. I’ve used it before, back in 2009, when I broke my wrist, and it seemed to work relatively well. But this time really made me a believer. At the start of my recovery, when I was riding outside without the tape, it was extremely painful. Then I got the...
  2. Tour of California - Livermore

    Team SpiderTech is racing in the 2012 Amgen Tour of California. It's only Day 3 and we've already seen outstanding showings from several individuals on the team, including David Boily claiming the King of the Mountain jersey. Some fans were lucky enough to have SpiderTech Team Director, Steve Bauer, stop by the tent and tape them up. Even after the...
  3. Kurt back in action

    Kurt shares how SpiderTech helped him recover from several knee surgeries. On day one at Sea Otter, he came to the booth and told us how SpiderTech has gotten him through his pain and back to riding hard. We are always stoked to get people back doing the sports they love. Thanks Kurt, keep shreddin it up out there!
  4. Dotsie Training for the Olympics

    Team USA: Dotsie Bausch from SpiderTech on Vimeo. Member of Team USA, Dotsie Bausch, shares how she uses SpiderTech kinesiology tape. As an elite athlete, Dotsie trains more than 25 hours a week on the bike, and then puts in more hours at the gym. She uses SpiderTech to prevent injury and alleviate aches and pains from her training and...
  5. SpiderTech at the Sea Otter Classic

    Sea Otter Classic 2012 from SpiderTech on Vimeo.
  6. Paul Papoutsakis, CAT(C), D.Ac

    As Company Athletic Therapist for The National Ballet of Canada, I would like to thank SpiderTech for giving my athletes this rehabilitation tool to help them dance at their full potential. SpiderTech applications help decrease pain and combines well with their other daily treatments including myo-fascial and osteopathic manual therapy techniques, stretching, exercise rehab and cryotherapy. I am impressed with...
  7. Norman Eng, DC

    I'm a certified SpiderTech provider and recently had a chance to use the tape for myself. I participated in the Tough Mudder event at Devil's Head in Merrimac, WI. The event involves 25 grueling obstacles over a course of 10 miles. It was certainly challenging with events like the Funky Monkey, Kiss of Mud, and Chernobyl Jacuzzi.In any case, the...
  8. Tyler Steppe

    As a competitive grappler, it is imperative that I compete often. We all know that competing often means constantly training at a high intensity. SpiderTech cuts have helped me train at the level I need to in order to be successful. I have noticed major results in terms of reducing soreness and swelling. The durability of SpiderTech cuts is amazing...
  9. Mary Miller

    I was introduced to SpiderTech specifically the Hip Spider and the Lower Back Spider. Immediately after application, I noticed a significant difference on my core stabilization, alignment in my hips, firing of the glutes, and my posture- talk about performance enhancing. I am completing my workouts faster, stronger, and feeling no discomfort. Not only that, it's been on 4 days...
  10. Laura Sophiea

    I raced the Ironman World 70.3 Championships last weekend and won my age group by 30 minutes. It was cool for me as I was a double world champion this year. That does not happen very often! Truly without spider tape I am not sure it would of happened like that. It is amazing how that helped my hamstring.

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