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SpiderTech News

  1. Understanding Kinesiology Tape

    You’ve probably seen the brightly colored strips of fabric adorning the limbs of many a pro cyclist in recent years. Or, perhaps you’ve spotted them on the appendages and torsos of several athletes at the recent Summer Olympic Games in London in such sports as varied as volleyball, swimming and rowing. Those brightly colored lines and complex patterns aren’t the...
  2. SpiderTech Tape Voted Best Athletic Tape/Bandage

    SpiderTech awarded gold: The Canadian developer and world-leading provider of pre-cut kinesiology taping products that naturally reduce pain and restore strength and mobility to injured and sore muscles.
  3. SpiderTech at the Olympics

    SpiderTech was the most talked about product at the 2012 London Games with Olympic athletes from around the world sporting the coloured tape. Volleyball, cycling, track and field….you saw it everywhere.
  4. How an injury inspired innovation

    Innovation can come from the most unexpected places. Take for example Ray Arbesman, the owner of NRS Brakes, an auto components company. Injuring his knee just before a ski vacation, the Toronto inventor and entrepreneur was disappointed to discover that the kinesiology tape used to treat his injury could only be applied by a sports medicine professional.
  5. WWE abuzz over tape

    SpiderTech is kinesiology taping made easy, for everyone: When John Cena made his return to WWE Raw in Sacramento, Calif., the 10-time champion sported an intricate web of athletic tape. The crisscross, spiderweb-looking tape covering the Cenation leader’s arm left a big impression visually on the WWE Universe, but nary a word was spoken as to what, exactly, it was...
  6. Leryn Franco

    As an Olympian, it is important that I compete often and at the highest level to be at my best. I have competed in the last three Olympic games and so training hard is a way of life. SpiderTech helped me train at my very best and helps keep the pain away. It is simple and easy to use and...
  7. "Spidertech's system is, in fact, taping for dummies."

    You play sports and eventually you’re going to get injured, whether you’re a weekend warrior or an Olympian. Sports docs have been taping injuries for athletes since high school football was invented, and maybe even before. Now, thanks to Rocktape and Spidertech you don’t need a guy in polyester shorts with a whistle to help you get back to your...
  8. Levi Leipheimer

    At the start of my recovery, when I was riding outside without the tape (SpiderTech), it was extremely painful. Then I got the tape, and the difference was amazing. It was suddenly not painful to ride anymore. And then I realized that if I didn’t tape, it would make a noticeable difference the next day. I’d be in so much...
  9. SpiderTech on CTV Morning Express

    SpiderTech inventor Dr. Kevin Jardine appears on CTV Morning Express on Aug. 2, 2012, to talk about the tape. (Click here to watch the video)
  10. SpiderTech tape featured in Globe and Mail

    Look closely at athletes Adam van Koeverden, Simon Whitfield, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams as they compete. If they’ve got colourful pieces of tape in unusual shapes stuck somewhere on their bodies, that’s tape that has been supplied by Toronto-based SpiderTech Inc ... (Click here to read the full story in the Globe and Mail small business feature)