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kinesiology tape

  1. SpiderTech Sponsoring the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer

    SpiderTech Sponsors the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer and Raises Nearly $250,000 for Cancer Research with Team SpiderTech Riders (via PRWeb) Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic Sports Tape Brand SpiderTech Sponsors the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer Fundraising Event to Raise Awareness for Cancer Research and Laces Up with Another 140 Team SpiderTech Riders to Raise Additional $250,000. Empowering… Continue reading →
  2. Use Kinesiology Tape for Treating Patients with NSM

    As a medical professional, you are constantly looking for new ways to treat patients with neurosensory, structural, and microcirculatory (NSM) injuries and alignments. Kinesiology tape is one drug free method you can use for patients suffering from pain, swelling, and soreness as a result of surgery, chronic medical condition, or injury. In order to obtain the best results with body...
  3. Use Knee Tape to Protect Your Knees against Injury

    Before undertaking strenuous activities where you will be bending your knees, it is worthwhile to protect your knees using knee tape. This special type of tape is designed to provide added support to the muscles to help lower the likelihood of sustaining an injury, compared to not using any taping product. In addition, the tape helps protect people who have...
  4. Alleviate Minor Joint Pain by Using Elastic Therapeutic Body Tape

    If you suffer from aches or have an injury where you have minor joint pain, one thing you can do is use elastic kinesiology therapeutic body tape to help reduce your suffering. There are several different types of taping products on the market today. You want to make sure you choose the right one that will deliver the results you seek. Keep in mind there are both short term and long term wearing options, depending upon the product you select. Continue reading →
  5. What Is Kinesiology Tape?

    You may wonder what kinesiology tape is, because this product has become popular with many professional athletes, as well as regular people who attempt to follow proper physical fitness. Kinesiology tape is a special type of tape made from 100 percent breathable cotton, and it is latex free. It is elastic and can be stretched when applied to a specific...
  6. Recover Sooner while Relieving Minor Pain with Sports Injury Tape

    Relieving the minor pain and discomfort coming with sports injuries is important. You might need to get back into the game and do not have time for this distraction. Kinesiology sports injury tape is one useful product that helps alleviate your suffering. This special tape provides protection to the injured area of your body. It is designed to help relieve...
  7. Using Elastic Therapeutic Tape Has Psychological Benefits

    Did you know wearing elastic therapeutic tape has psychological benefits in helping to reduce minor pain and discomfort? Many people are not aware of this additional feature. Psychologically, our brains tend to focus on areas of pain and discomfort in the body. The more we focus on that pain, the more our brain responds. One normal response is opening up...
  8. SpiderTech versus Other Kinesiology Tape for Your Knees

    There are differences between SpiderTech and other forms of kinesiology tape for your knees. Any time you are selecting the right tape, you need to compare products to ensure you are using the best one possible. There are several advantages of SpiderTech not found with other brands, such as: Easy to Use Exclusive Pre-Cut Designs Targeted Relief Water Proof 100...
  9. Get Relief from Minor Muscle Pain by Applying Kinetic Tape

    Kinetic tape can help bring relief from minor muscle pain, soreness and discomfort when worn on a regular basis. The tape helps to normalize your nerve responses by altering them by creating enhanced sensory stimulation to the affected area of your body. This essentially disrupts the normal pain signals and causes them to diminish. As a result, you notice a...
  10. Which Sports Tapes are the Best?

    There are several different taping products and solutions to choose from when you want to protect your body against injury or are undergoing therapy. Deciding which sports tapes are the best depends upon the type of activity. Generally, the three different techniques used are traditional taping, kinesiology taping, and McConnell taping. Continue reading →

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