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Spidertech Education

Are you interested in learning more about kinesiology tape? Our lineup of one day Hands-On Certification Courses, Online Modules and Specialty Webinars offer something for everyone and make Spidertech the #1 educational resource for kinesiology tape.

Certified Spidertech

Our one day hands-on certification courses are designed for medical and fitness professionals looking for the most up to date, in depth, evidence informed training in kinesiology tape. Our Level 1




(NSM) Course will provide you with everything you need to enhance patient and client outcomes by utilizing Spidertech as an adjunct modality.

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Online Modules

Our Online Modules are perfect for medical and fitness professionals looking for an in-depth understanding of how kinesiology tape works on their schedule. Topics covered include:

Pain Science

Neuromuscular Plasticity

How Spidertech affects the body

Clinical relevance and therapeutic goals

The Online Modules are the perfect first step to understanding the science of kinesiology tape and how to utilize it in your practice.

e-Learning Modules