If you have keloid scars, raised scars or irritated and damaged skin, myScarTape by SpiderTech can help you find relief without having to use any messy creams or ointments.

myScartape is a next generation kinesiology tape product that mimics the elasticity of human skin and helps promote the healing of scar and skin tissue. By supporting the skin and reducing tension in the target area, this will help with the prevention of new scars forming or growing larger.

Not only is it easy to apply, making it accessible to anyone that wants to use it, but the tape is breathable, non-invasive and drug free, as well as being long-lasting, with each strip providing up to 2 weeks of coverage.

Apply foundation over your tape for a perfect match!

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  • Stretches to imitate your skin’s elasticity and support your scar
  • Reduces pain, discomfort, and itching
  • Can help reduce the growth of your scar, particularly in new scars
  • Protective barrier from external contact (example: clothing)
  • Long-lasting (only needs replacing approximately every 7-14 days)

myScarTape is breathable and provides up to 14 days of protection for the following:

  • Superficial and partial thickness burns
  • Post Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Operations
  • Keloids
  • Unprepossessing Scars
  • Irritated or Damaged Skin
  • Dermatosis (including psoriasis)
  • Dermatitis (eczema)
  • Caesarean section
  • Post-Breast Operation
  • Post-op Recovery



Product Measurement (Width x Length)

5cm x 16.5cm

2" x 6.5"



Product Measurement (Width x Length)

6cm x 12.5cm

2.5" x 5"

How to Apply




How does myScarTape work?
myScarTape works by applying continuous pressure and tension relief to the scar. This reduces blood flow, inflammation and the symptoms associated with it. In general, the pressure and tension approach has been used for decades and shown to be effective for burn patients and those who suffer from large wounds. Remember, tension has been shown to be the main reason for poor wound healing causing hypertrophic scars and keloids.

How do I use myScarTape for skin conditions like psoriasis or exzema?
In these cases, simply apply the prescribed topic to the affected area only, and then apply myScartape on top of the area. Make sure there is sufficient area outside the medicated so that the tape can adhere to the skin. If the area is wider than the tape, multiple pieces can be layered on top of each other.

Are there any side effects?
In general, no – in rare cases and for individuals with sensitive skin, myScarTape may cause some itch and redness. Because the tape does not contain medication, we do not expect side-effects for most people.

When should the myScarTape be replaced?
myScarTape can stay on for 1-2 weeks. If myScarTape is sticking and adherent to the skin, do not change it. If it becomes loose, replace it with new myScarTape and apply it according to our suggested guidelines. At 9 strips per pack and two weeks per strip, that amounts to 126 days of relief per packmeaning less than three packs in a year!

What can I expect from the tape?
This is an excellent but challenging question. The majority of patients putting on our tape show significant benefits regarding tension tightness, itch, mobility and comfort. Many of our patients show significant reductions in scar redness, scar activity and scar height. Results can vary and should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Can I add makeup to myScarTape to match my skin tone?

Can I swim or shower with myScarTape on?

Does taping help scars?
Scar tapes, such as myScarTape, are available at and will effectively apply gentle and steady pressure to the skin, reducing the risk of scars being raised. Taping should be continued for three months, or until the scar is smooth and pale.

Do Breast Augmentation Scars Go Away?
Cosmetic surgery incisions are typically very small. Shortly after the wounds heal, you may be left with a red, raised line along the edges of the incision. The scar color should fade to pink, and then white over time. In terms of texture, they should also flatten out.

Do C-Section Scars Go Away?
By two weeks, your scar should look and feel much better. However, it can take anywhere from six weeks to three months to completely recover. Though the C-section scar can fade with time, scar taping is one of the easiest tricks that can enhance its appearance.

Is It Normal for the Incision to Itch?
Since the nerves in the region have been disturbed, the itching will be widespread. Scratching should be avoided. Apply myScarTape to itchy skin to relieve it.

How Long Does It Take for C-Section Scars to Heal?
It will take about six weeks for your wound to heal. A scar will appear, but it should fade with time. You can use Spidertech's myScarTape to assist with any redness and itching. Each strip provides up to two weeks of irritation relief, without the use of creams or ointments.

How Do You Tape a Scar?
The first step is to tear all of the areas by bending the black lines behind the kinesiology tape. Detach the middle of section #1 and slightly crease back the tear's edges. Finally, from either hand, peel off section #1's back lid and lay it down.

Additional Information

What is myScarTape?

myScarTape is an industrialized, non-invasive, yet reliable method for minimizing the appearance of scars. Disruptions to the stability of your skin can have extensive impacts, varying from poor body image, reduced self-confidence, as well as physical symptoms such as skin irritation, discomfort, tightness of the skin, and pain. Standard and translational scientific research reveals that scars with increased swelling trigger uncontrollable cell growth, which is why new scars tend to spread or grow wider. Factors such as gender, ethnicity, genetics, and skin tension are some of the aspects to consider when determining the severity of a scar.

SpiderTech has innovated myScarTape to minimize the rigidity, stress, and swelling of the skin while boosting blood circulation around the affected area. Not only does this repair damaged skin tissue, but also prevents new scar growth. myScarTape is a unique tape with patent-pending modern technology that contains no chemicals, making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin. myScarTape can remain on the skin for up to two weeks without any adverse effects, site infection, soreness, or itchiness. SpiderTech's myScarTape offers you a non-invasive, very easy-to-use, secure, and effective method to manage and deal with scars.

About SpiderTech

SpiderTech pioneered the pre-cut kinesiology tape that utilizes modern technology crafted for rigorous activities, aiding and improving physical performance, and offering quick relief to targeted pain. The kinesiology tape was invented, and thoroughly examined by physicians, and battle-proven by world-class athletes. SpiderTech's kinesiology tape is the easiest to apply, the most convenient to use, and can be applied anywhere on the body to help alleviate pain. You will definitely see the benefits once you try it!

SpiderTech's kinesiology tapes are made from 100% top-quality cotton, with 100% poly-acrylic adhesive. They are designed to resemble human skin, having very similar density, weight, and elasticity. It supports and stabilizes the skin without detrimentally affecting healthy ranges of motion. The products are hypoallergenic as they do not contain any latex, and are waterproof and breathable. Their adhesive sticks well to the skin and does not leave any residue when you remove it. You can apply them to any part of your body where you are experiencing pain and it will withstand even the most strenuous workouts.

What is myScarTape made of?

SpiderTech products are designed to resemble human skin in terms of thickness, weight, and elasticity. They use a high-grade, cotton-elastic material with a 100% poly-acrylic adhesive. Since the substance contains no latex, it is hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. The scar protection tape is also breathable and water-resistant.

myScarTape is a scar minimizing tape that can be worn on the skin even while exercising. The adhesive adheres well to the body and when removed, leaves no trace of adhesive behind. myScarTape material is similar to the elasticity of human skin and muscle, allowing it to move with your skin's movement. SpiderTech's myScarTape supports and stabilizes without compromising healthy ranges of motion.

What scars do myScarTape target?


Some injuries will completely heal but scar tissue may continue to grow over the affected area. This can result in keloid scars over the healed area. Injuries or impacts to the skin such as burns, bad acne, piercings or tattoos can lead to keloids. Keloids can develop even 3 months after the skin has healed and can grow quite large, sometimes larger than the initial injury, if left untreated.

Raised Scars

Raised scars, or hypertrophic scars, are large, thickened, and appear as raised above the skin. Raised scars can occur from an abnormal skin injury and excessive inflammation in the affected area.

Irritated or Damaged Skin

Scars caused by irritated or damaged skin include keloid and hypertrophic scars. Even simple impacts to the skin like bug bites or rashes, which cause inflammation of the skin in a localized region, can cause skin damage that may leave a scar. myScarTape can help with even the smallest of skin irritations to provide relief.

While it may not be effective on widespread discomfort like sunburns, myScarTape can help give localized treatment to any specific smaller area of irritated or damaged skin.

Breast Augmentation Scar

A breast lift, like any other procedure, necessitates skin incisions. Scarring is the skin's way of developing new tissues and repairing the wound after an incision. However, scarring can be reduced after a breast lift.

myScarTape is one of the best options for over-the-counter treatments. SpiderTech's myScarTape is a scar reduction tape that hydrates recent incisions. Scar tapes are used to alleviate itchiness and discomfort after surgery. The key goal is to make the scars smaller and lighter in tone.

C-Section Scar

Your doctor will make two incisions during a C-section. The first is an inch or two above your pubic hairline, through the skin of your lower abdomen. The second is into the uterus, where the doctor will deliver the baby. Scars from C-sections usually heal well. However, the body's healing process will also go into overdrive, resulting in potential scarring issues.

Scar tape has been shown to soften and flatten scars, particularly keloids and hypertrophic scars.

Healed Wounds

Wounds of any size or severity may leave stubborn, noticeable scars that, if not treated properly, will not always fade. Always cover any wound with a breathable plaster to keep it moisturized and hydrated.

How does SpiderTech work?

SpiderTech's therapeutic effect is achieved by providing structural reinforcement or modifying the patient's pain perception, depending on how the tape is applied. The tape can provide a mechanical barrier to potentially dangerous postures, and motion ranges if extended and spread over muscles in a shortened position.

SpiderTech helps to normalize the changes in neuronal signaling that can occur following an injury, or as a result of chronic pain on a neurosensory level. SpiderTech's myScarTape delivers enhanced sensory stimulation, effectively disrupting and diminishing pain signals. The effect of continuous stimulation given by wearing myScarTape on the skin may help break the cycle of chronic pain, which is groundbreaking for helping to increase your mobility and strength over time.

myScarTape features...


myScarTape extends to resemble skin and protect your scar. myScarTape is durable, giving you the flexibility to do what you normally do while still helping to minimize scars.

Reduces Pain, Irritation, and Itchiness

Without the use of creams or ointments, myScarTape is a scar protection tape that reduces discomfort and itchiness. It mimics the elasticity of the skin and helps to support scars and keloids. It helps to prevent further keloid growth by creating a protective barrier.

Reduce Scar Growth

It can take a year or more for a scar to mature. Your body is continually remodeling and generating nutrients to repair the scar area during this period. Once the skin has healed, you can use myScarTape to help keep your scar from spreading and minimizing its appearance.

Protection Against Contact

myScarTape also shields your scar from potentially harmful bacteria and germs. It helps your scar area to absorb the moisture released by your skin, speeding up tissue development, and gradually helping the scar to fade away.


The degree of a scar is determined by the scar's size, and the rate at which the skin heals, which will differ from person to person. myScarTape can be used indefinitely and continue to be effective. Scars, burns, post-tummy tucks, liposuction, post-breast operation, postoperative healing, c-sections, keloids, and damaged or irritated skin will benefit from myScarTape, which is breathable and long-lasting. Each strip will provide coverage for up to two weeks.

Benefits of using myScarTape

Scar Care and Maintenance

In certain instances, the scar's appearance is determined by how the wound has healed. Surgery marks and scars around joints, for example, are difficult to hide, while scars from minor scrapes or cuts can be less visible if the wounds were treated correctly at home.

Scar Cover

The majority of keloid scars are raised and red in appearance. When scar tapes are used to hide the scars, they blend in with the surrounding skin and eventually fade away.

Scar Reduction

It's difficult to keep yourself from getting minor scrapes and wounds. Seek medical help as soon as possible if the wound is bleeding, deep, or shows signs of infection such as warmth, swelling, or reddening. If you're unable to clean your wound adequately, it's a good idea to seek medical help. For fast and easy wound healing, discuss any issues with your doctor. When the wound has healed, you may begin using scar tape to speed up scar healing.

Scar Prevention

Wound care can help to prevent scarring, but scar prevention is often preferable. When it comes to reducing the appearance of a scar, proper wound treatment is essential.

Scar Protection

myScarTape is a great way to cover your scars. It protects your wound against debris, and bacteria, which could lead to unwanted infection. Always try to keep a burn or cut protected to prevent infection or re-injury.

Scar Irritation and Itch Relief

Scar tape encourages safe scar healing by preventing further skin damage and scar formation. myScarTape will also provide much needed relief from itchiness around the scar area.

Scar Treatment

Scar tape has proven to be extremely effective in minimizing scars quickly. myScarTape makes a depressed acne scar less visible for those who are dealing with it. It prevents scarring and speeds up the healing process.